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Period and Theatre Costumes

Dressing up is great fun, whether you're planning a lavish theatrical production, attending a historical re-enactment or just want to go all out for a fancy-dress party. Luckily there are plenty of period and theatre costumes to be found, from Victorian suits to convincing medieval garments.

Costumes for Theatrical Use

Historical costumes really do help bring a play to life. If you're putting on a production by the most famous playwright of them all then the selection of Renaissance and Shakespearian costumes is a great place to start. You'll find Elizabethan ruffs fit for royalty and breeches too.

If your play dates from a period of history a little closer to our own then you might like to consider Victorian and Edwardian costumes. There is a wide selection of cravats on offer that would be perfect for a Mr. Rochester character and gowns suitable for Lady Windemere.

Period Costumes

If you're into historical re-enactment, there's a good selection of medieval costumes. A medieval tabard is a perfect way to bring out your inner medieval masculinity. And don't forget to finish your look with convincing accessories too, such as wrist bracers and warm cloaks.

You'll also find a good selection of Ancient Greek and Roman costumes, perfect if your historical interest lies a little further back in time. You can find costumes for men, women and children, including military uniforms and togas.

Second World War Costumes

There are plenty of Second World War costumes to choose from. Choose a men's military outfit to capture the state of war synonymous with the time, or a women's officer outfit. You can even find evacuee outfits for children which include dresses, hats, bags and even nametags for authenticity.


Various accessories are available, perfect for adding smaller details to your costumes. Military badges let you dress up as an officer, whilst synthetic leather boots make your pirate outfit much more authentic.