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Retractable Dog Leashes

When you're a dog owner, it's important to have a dog leash. There are all sorts of different leashes available to attach to a collar or harness. You want a design that works well for your pooch and that is comfortable for you to hold onto.

What is a retractable dog leash?

A retractable dog leash involves a lead that will retract into the handle. The benefit is that it will allow your pooch to go further on the retractable leash without you having to walk as far. The button on the handle will also allow you to hit the brake on the leash so that the dog isn't able to go too far.

Does the size of the dog make a difference when buying a dog leash?

The size of the animal will determine the kind of leash you want to get. A retractable dog leash is often identified by the weight of the dog. This will make sure that the lead is durable enough to handle the small, medium, or large dogs that you might own. If you put large dogs on a leash made for a small dog, there is a good chance that your pet will snap the dog leash, leaving them without any kind of leash on them at all. You will want to consider a few things:

  • Size of the dog: Know the weight of your dog when shopping for a retractable dog leash.
  • Determine the strength of the leash: A heavy duty leash will ensure that it is durable enough to handle some pulling.
  • Dog behavior: If you have a pet that likes to pull and run, you want a good locking mechanism on the leash.
What are the different features in a retractable dog leash?

When you start to shop for a retractable dog leash, you will find that there are all sorts of updated designs.

  • Padding: You will find some handles are padded for more comfort.
  • Light: There might be a light on the leash or even reflective bands for walking a pet at night.
  • Poop bags: Some leashes will have a hook or a full caddy for holding poop bags.
How do you shop for a retractable dog leash?

When you're ready to buy a retractable leash, it's important to look at the different models. By knowing more about your pooch and their behavior, it will be easier to buy the right leash.

  • Size: Get the kind of leash right for your canine, including a heavy duty one if you have large dogs.
  • Length of lead: The length of the dog leash should be taken into consideration based on small dogs vs medium and large ones.
  • Color/design: Look at the design of the leash to see if it fits your style.