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Are you Looking for a Vintage Movie Camera?

Vintage movie cameras are a popular collector's item for those that want to relive the golden days of pre-digital movie making. The Revere brand has 16 mm cameras for recording home movies or playing around with making classic videos. 16 mm film is double the size of 8 mm film, with many considering it a semi-professional format. Being able to play back any recordings you make on a 16 mm movie camera will requires finding a projector that can hold this size film, or alternatively, you can have a dedicated film professional convert to a digital file or DVD for you.

What is it Like Using a Vintage Model?

Using an older movie camera brings a sense of nostalgia when filming and an appreciation of how things were done in the old days.

  • Easy to use: Modern models have so many buttons, lens types, and settings, that they can take some getting used to. A vintage camera has style and simplicity, so while you may not have all the fancy functions, they are easier to use.
  • Old film quality: If you like the grainy and stuttering look of old movies, you can get this same look.
  • Finish film roll before changing: Like with still cameras that take film, you can't remove the roll until you've finished filming, or the roll is complete. If you remove the roll, you will not be able to put it back in the camera.

What Should You Check for When Choosing a Vintage Camera?

If you want to use a vintage Revere camera for filming, then you'll want to make sure it is working. Some points to bear in mind are:

  • Is the battery compartment corroded? Cameras are prone to battery erosion when their battery sits inside for years at a time without use. If there is any white or green build up on the contact points or springs, then this could be a sign of corrosion and may render the camera useless.
  • Is the shutter faulty? A jammed or faulty shutter or lens is important to check for. Being the eyes (or eye) of a camera, functionality is key to use.
  • Does the film advance work? Cameras should be able to advance film through the camera when you take photos, so it pays to check that film advance levers are working properly.

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