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Riding Boots and Accessories

Riding boots are available in a wide array of types and styles and come in various colors and materials. No matter what type of riding shoe you choose, like field boots, equestrian riding boots, or wide calf boots for women, you will need to learn how to lace them up and break them in. Knowing this information will help you make a more informed decision on which riding boots to purchase.

How do you lace equestrian field boots?

Since putting the field boots on and taking them off will require the most looseness around the middle part of the ankle joint, having the laces loosened near the center of the boots is more effective. Because of this, equestrian field boots should be laced differently than a traditional sneaker.

To begin, hold the field boot so that the toe faces you, and start threading one end of the shoelace through the eyelet at the top right. Do so from the outside of the boots, making sure it passes diagonally across and exits out of the eyelet at the bottom left from underneath. At this point you should pull the lace tight, and make sure the ends are of equal length. Follow the steps below to finish lacing the boots:

  1. Pass the bottom end of the lace across to the opposite eyelet at the bottom, going over to under.
  2. Diagonally cross the end of the lace to the second eyelet on the left, going under to over.
  3. Repeat the first two steps above to the middle eyelet on the right, making sure to leave the ends of the lace loose.
  4. Pass the top end of the shoelace across, making sure to zigzag it under the top set of eyelets and down to the middle eyelets.
How should riding boots fit?

To properly assess the fit, wear the clothing (including chaps, riding socks, breeches, and tights) you plan on wearing while riding when you try on the boots. This will provide you with the most accurate fit. Most experts recommend a riding boot with a snug fit that feels tight around your calves but not so tight that it cuts off circulation. You want the field boot to feel snug but comfortable.

How do you break in riding boots?

If your boots need breaking in, consider the following tips:

  • Wear the riding boot for several hours every day. This will help start the breaking in process.
  • Rub an abundance of leather conditioner into the boot at the ankle area.
  • Apply oil to the inside of the boot before you put them on. This helps break in the inside of the boot.
  • Use boot trees when you’re not wearing them. This not only helps to stretch the boot a bit, but it also retains the boot’s shape.
  • Spray the ankle portion of the boot with boot stretch spray. Just make sure the spray is safe for use on leather.