Rigid Plastic Cases, Covers & Skins for iPod Classic

Protecting Your MP3 Player

When you have an Apple product that you like to use a lot, it is important to keep it safe from the elements and everyday damage. By choosing a case or cover for your iPod Classic device, you are taking a step in the right direction for extending the life of your MP3 player.

Why Should I Protect My iPod?

You should protect your iPod for a number of reasons:

  • Protect against water: Getting caught in the rain or an accidental spill of water can wreak havoc on your iPods operating system. Using a plastic cover can help safeguard against any water damage and you can also find completely waterproof cases.
  • Protect against dust and debris: Small particles of dust and debris can get inside the tiny openings of your player, but using a case will help prevent this.
  • Protect against scratches: Your iPod Classic will stay looking like new when you keep it in a case since it wont get as many scratches from everyday use as it would without a case.
  • Protect against drops: Dropping your iPod can be an issue for more than one reason. First of all, dropping onto a hard surface like concrete can cause scratches or dents in the body. It can also cause the screen to crack or smash. Secondly, the force of the impact can damage the internal workings of the player, so you may find that it doesnt work as well or it stops working all together.

What Kind of Cases and Covers Can I Find?

You can find various cases and covers from different brands. Just some of the products you can find are:

  • H20 Audio Waterproof housing: This case is suitable for the fifth generation iPod Classic and securely locks in your device so that you can use it in water, with a depth of up to 3 meters. It has a scroll wheel so you can control functions as well as a safety lock, sports armband, and belt clip. It uses clear plastic.
  • SwitchEasy Capsule Hard Shell Case: This case is for the seventh generation Apple iPod Classic and comes in black. It uses super strong but ultra thin polycarbonate. Youll find easy-touch wheel interaction and a duo protection, scratch-proof system.
  • Hot Clearing crystal cover: This transparent hard case cover fits snuggly onto your iPod and is protective against scratches, water, and dust.

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