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Ringside Boxing Gloves

Ringside is an equipment manufacturer in the boxing, MMA, and martial arts world. The company produces a wide variety of training, boxing, and martial arts gloves and accessories. Choosing the right type for your needs requires looking at the various weights, colors, and style options Ringside has to offer.

How do you choose the right Ringside gloves?

When choosing a set of Ringside gloves, there are several things to consider. These considerations include hand size, glove type, and glove usage. Some guidelines to help you decide on the right Ringside boxing gloves include:

  • Measure your hand circumference to determine your boxing glove size. For example, 12-ounce boxing gloves will fit a 6- to 7-1/2-inch hand.
  • Choose a flexible material and fit for martial arts.
  • Choose a more substantial option for training and a lighter one for competition.
  • More padding is needed for work with heavy bags and mitts.
  • All-purpose training gloves work for beginners or for those who aren’t sure exactly what they need.
What materials are used to produce Ringside boxing gloves?

Ringside uses real and synthetic leathers for the striking surface on most gloves. This type of material is designed to resist wear and tear and weathering. Foam padding or high-tech padding is used to reduce impact power during competition. Some models come with a mesh palm and an anti-microbial liner to keep the boxing gloves cool.

What different types of boxing gloves does Ringside make?

Ringside makes a variety of gloves for training, sparring, boxing, and competition. The brand’s gloves fall into these categories:

  • Boxing: These models use a more substantial and well-padded mitten style for boxing and heavy bag work.
  • MMA: These are also known as grappling gloves. They are smaller and open-fingered to be used for martial arts competitions.
  • Fitness: Designed for weightlifting and fitness training, these gloves are smaller and open-fingered with little to no padding.
  • Kids: Smaller varieties of MMA, fitness, and boxing gloves are available for children getting into these sports and competition events.
How do you measure your hand for choosing boxing gloves?

Use a soft measuring tape to measure your hand circumference. Keep your hand flat and wrap the measuring tape around the knuckles. This measurement should give you a number between 6 and 10 inches for most adults. However, it may be slightly larger depending on the person.

Repeat the process on the other hand. You need to measure both sides because one hand may be slightly larger or smaller than the other. Compare this number to the size chart when buying Ringside gloves to determine the most appropriate fit for you. Make sure to consult the chart for the model that also suits your sport, as the measurements for each type may be slightly different.