Robern Bath Products

Robern bathroom products are crafted to combine design with functionality. The Robern collection includes bathroom mirrors, cabinets, and lighting options. Some of these accessories are considered standalone while others can be combined to suit your grooming needs.

What products are included in the Robern collection?

There are a number of products in the collection, such as the following:

  • Mirrors: Robern offers a wide selection of mirrors in designs that harmonize with many interior concepts. Some are large and oval while others are mid-sized and square. Small options are also available.
  • Cabinets: Bath storage is addressed with a broad selection of functional cabinet options. They come in complete sets, small sets, and standalones.
  • Lighting: Robern offers a wide selection of illuminating concepts. Connected light bars, standalone fixtures, chandeliers, and other hanging lights are just some of the available options.
  • Vanities: Robern presents a variety of vanities that feature storage, functionality, and design. They come in a mixture of pull-out drawers, shelving, and cabinets. These come in large and small sizes.
What Robern mirror styles are there?
  • Lighted: Designed to be thin and minimal, these mirrors feature a prominent lighting strip down either side. Available in wall or floor length.
  • Vitality lighted: The same as lighted mirrors, but offered in many more styles. Rectangular, columnar, and circular shapes are just some of the variations available.
  • Profiles: These large mirrors have the largest and most number of lighting strips. Available in wall length.
  • M Series: These long Robern mirrors are frameless, lighted, and modular.
What types of cabinets does Robern offer?
  • Profiles: These cabinets focus on style and design. They have magnetic doors, magnifying mirrors, and can be installed as singles or together as a set.
  • Lighted: This style focuses on design and functionality. They come in single or two-door options. All models have lights preinstalled within them.
  • Uplift: Robern focused on style and grooming when designing these cabinets. They feature a single-door design, magnifying mirrors, and interior lighting.
  • M Series: These Robern cabinets are a cross between style and functionality. They come in full-length, flat top, or arch top styles. and can be hung separately or as a set.
What types of vanities does Robern offer?
  • Profiles: Modular and slim, these vanities are available in a single slim drawer or single regular drawer.
  • Curated Cartesian: These combine design and functionality and are offered in single, double, and triple-drawer options.
  • Cartesian: These Robern vanities are larger than their curated counterparts. They include single or slim drawers.
  • Balletto: These are the smallest Robern vanities available. They come in slim or single-drawer and can be installed under the sink.