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Robert Lee Morris Sterling Silver Fine Jewelry

Robert Lee Morris, RLM for short, works to create timeless and high-quality fashion jewelry that embodies classic designs. The Robert Lee Morris Soho collection includes necklace and bracelet options as well as earrings for women. The Robert Lee Morris sterling silver collection features a range of pieces for men and women.

Who is Robert Lee Morris?

Robert Lee Morris is a German jewelry designer and sculptor who created the RLM brand. His accessory collections have been widely sold in the United States since the 1970s. In 2011, the Robert Lee Morris company was bought by Haskell Jewels, a fashion jewelry designer and distributor. Robert Lee Morris remains the creative director of the company. Inspired by nature, his designs feature organic forms with bold details. Jewelry lines include RLM Soho, RLM Studio, the Robert Lee Morris Collection, and the RLM sterling silver line.

What is the Robert Lee Morris Soho line?

The Robert Lee Morris Soho line includes necklaces, bracelets, and ring options for women. The sculptural designs feature earth tones, stones, leather, gold and silver, and hammered pendant details. The collection offers statement necklaces and earrings. Unique necklace options from Robert Lee Morris Soho include the Color Wheel collar necklace, featuring a lapis pendant, and the Primal Connection braided pendant necklace. Other necklaces include the Silver and Patina Necklace, featuring charms in patina, the Wired Warrior two-tone sculptural collar necklace, and the Iridescent silver-and-abalone pendant necklace.

The Robert Lee Morris Soho line also features bold earrings from the Bigger Stone Collection like the gold chandelier hoop earrings or the green faceted and gold drop earrings. In addition, the collection features cuff and bangle options to accessorize any look. For a classic and elegant style, the line includes the Silver Square Hinged Bangle. Those who are appealed by colorful jewelry might be drawn to the Mosaic statement cuff, which includes a blue turquoise piece.

What other collections are in the RLM Soho line?

The Robert Lee Morris Soho line includes multiple collections. Each of them is inspired by natural elements:

  • Mosaic: This line makes use of statement pendants joined together in irregular pieces, often made of precious metal.
  • Cool Ice: This line of jewelry uses polished, often translucent gems, in cool colors to evoke the look of ice. Colors are not isolated to blue shades and can also include white and black.
  • Primal Connection: This line employs geometric shapes and soft finishes to give the metal a matte stone look. Some also have magnetic closures.
  • Wired Warrior: As the name suggests, this line makes use of wire detailing. The wire can come in one color or two-tone colors.
  • The Bigger Stone: This line makes use of a large statement stone or jewel, often by itself. The centerpiece is often irregularly shaped to look as natural as possible.
What is the RLM Studio line?

The RLM Studio line includes sterling silver, stainless steel, and bronze pieces with details such as hammered metal. The line offers products such as the White Bronze Coil Cuff Bracelet, the Sculpted Sterling Silver Drop Earrings, the Bronze Front Facing Circle Hoop Earrings, and the Bronze Heart or Cross Pendant Necklace.

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