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SANYO Personal Cassette Players

Relive The Past With A Personal Cassette Player

While cassette may be a thing of the past, recently its been making a huge comeback as a nostalgic platform for consuming media such as music and books on tape. The vintage products have found a rise in popularity over the last couple of years and consumers like the portable features that tape decks and cassette players offer in comparison to things like the analog record players of the 1960s. Sanyo offers a wide range of portable cassette stereos for personal use that also have radio capabilities. 

Does This Product Come With Headphones?

  • Some portable cassette stereos come with headphones; when purchasing the product, it should list whether or not theyre included. 
  • Most Sanyo stereos will come with a built-in headphone jack so plugging in your own ear buds will be no problem. 

Is There An AM/FM Tuner?

  • Portable cassette players with radio and stereo capabilities will have an AM/FM tuner that allows users to easily switch between AM, FM 1 and FM 2 radio frequencies.
  • Most will find that their radio receives signal when placed near a window or anywhere that will provide a clear exposure to the radio frequencies coming from the nearest tower. 

How Do I Fix Cassette Tapes if it Becomes Unraveled?

  • Just about all cassette machines will rewind the tape after youre finished playing it but sometimes the tape gets stuck or becomes unraveled inside the holder.
  • If the tape gets stuck, unraveled or pulled out, it can easily be fixed with something like a pen or pencil. To fix unraveled tapes simply stick a six sided pen or pencil (pencils are usually perfect for this) in the cassette reel spokes.
  • Slowly turn the spokes with the pencil so that it turns the tape back onto the reel, rotating the top of the reel counter clockwise toward the cassette.  
  • Once you feel that the tape is tightly wound around the reel you can remove the pencil, the tape will be rewound onto the cassette and ready for use. 

Can I Use This To Record My Own Cassette Tapes?

  • Unless specified, machines designed to play cassette tapes cant also record sound onto blank ones. 
  • With the right machine, you can easily record your own cassettes via microphone or computer by plugging the recorder cable into your computer or microphone into one end of the cable and into the machine at the other end. 

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