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Sylvania Light Bulbs

It is impossible to imagine civilization without the invention of the light bulb or lamp, and Sylvania is one of the premier light bulb manufacturers. There are a variety of light bulbs to choose from whether you're looking for halogen or LED.

What kinds of light bulbs are available?

Sylvania light bulbs that are available include:

  • Halogen: This incandescent lighting gives off a bright, hot white light that is produced by the interplay of an electric filament inside the bulb and halogen gas.
  • LED: These efficient lights are actually light-emitting diodes. They have semiconductors and are safe to use around children and pets. LEDs can glow for years.
  • Incandescent: The illumination incandescent bulbs produce tends to be warm and pleasing.
  • CFLs: These lamps are evolved from the cold, blue bulbs found in office and industrial buildings. Their light is warm, and they are efficient and cool. Sylvania’s CFL bulbs work when electrons interact with mercury gas inside the bulb. The ultraviolet radiation this produces then interacts with the bulb’s phosphorescent coating to create light. These Sylvania lamps come in a variety of shapes.
What shapes and sizes do Sylvania bulbs come in?
  • Floodlights: This kind of lighting is used outdoors to illuminate a large area.
  • Regular A forms: This is the familiar type of incandescent bulb. It has a screw base.
  • Spirals: This is a familiar type for CFL bulbs.
  • Candles: These small Sylvania bulbs are screwed into chandeliers and wall fixtures.
  • Tubes: These are used for regular fluorescents.
What are some ways you can use Sylvania bulbs?

Sylvania bulbs can provide ambient, task, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is general illumination while task lighting is for a work area or a particular activity. Accent directs the lighting to a specific object or area of the room. Dimmer controls allow you to control the mood and ambiance of any room, and they can be installed easily. Incandescent bulbs are still good for ambient as are halogens and CFLs.

CFLs and LEDs come into their own in the kitchen because they do not add to the heat that is associated with this area of the house. Ribbons of LED bulbs can also be added under the wall cabinets to light your food preparation area on the counters. The cool light of traditional fluorescents may go well in the laundry room, especially if they are shaded. There are Sylvania light bulbs available for all of the different types of lighting you may need.