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Saddle Racks and Stands

Equestrian equipment is not cheap, and for that reason, you should always do your best to maintain and protect your tack. This is especially true when it comes to saddles and saddle pads. Once you take the saddle off the horse, it's essential to have a place to put it. Some stands are only for Western saddles, some for English saddles, and others will accommodate both English and Western. The key to a good fit is to get a tack rack that is tall enough so that the stirrups do not touch the ground when you place the saddle on it.

Why Use a Saddle Rack?

  • Keeps the saddle dry - By placing your saddle on a stand, you allow the air to circulate all around it, which makes it easier for it to dry out if by chance it had become damp during your ride.
  • Protects it from small animals found in a barn - Mice and other small critters like to gather up soft material like leather and wool for its nest. If you place the saddle on the ground, they have easier access to it.
  • Keeps its shape - When you lean a saddle up against something, the skirt can become bent, which is not something you want to happen.
  • Makes the tack room look neater - Instead of piling up equipment in the corner, clean up the room by placing each saddle on its own rack.
  • Show off your prized saddle - For a show-stopping display, consider a wood saddle stand that is not only functional but is a beautiful piece of furniture too. Use it in the barn, on the porch, or even the house as a decorative piece to show off your favorite saddle.

What Types of Saddle Racks and Stands are Available?

  • Folding - When not in use, a folding rack is storable. A few models are even built with wheels (such as a collapsible dolly type) making it easy to roll it around the stable. What's more, folding stands make an ideal portable saddle rack.
  • Wall Mounted - A lot of the wall mounted saddle stands are easy to put up and take down which means it is portable when you need it to be. Take it down and put it in the trailer when you head out to a show; and once you are home quickly put it back up on your barn wall.
  • Multiple Tiers - With additional tiers, owners are able to stack the saddles without taking up too much room in the stable. Furthermore, you can hang the saddle pad and saddle on the same stand.
  • Freestanding - For those that have the room, a freestanding stand is an option. It typically takes up more space than a folding rack or one that hangs from the wall.