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Saddleback Leather Company Backpacks, Bags, and Briefcases for Men

Saddleback Leather Company produces backpacks and briefcases with rugged good looks. Made of full-grain leather or canvas, they are suitable for a day at work or a week on the trail. Steel hardware and functional designs make these bags the smart, stylish choice.

What kind of leather are Saddleback Leather products made from?

All the leather bags are made of full-grain leather, which is the highest grade available. It has natural blemishes on the hide, including scars and wrinkles. By not sanding or buffing the material, Saddleback allows for a high-quality product that ages beautifully.

Are Saddleback Leather products offered in other materials?

Backpacks and briefcases are both available in waxed canvas models. This material is water-resistant and long-lasting. Most of the canvas choices have a leather panel on the bottom and the back. This protects the contents when you set the bag down and protects you from getting jabbed while you carry the bag.

What features are available on Saddleback backpacks?

Packs are offered in a range of styles and sizes. You can find a very basic bag with a simple closure to pull the top closed. You can also find bags with multiple outside pockets with buckled flaps. Some models have interior slots for a tablet or laptop.

All the packs have two handles: one grab handle on the top and traditional straps on the back. This gives you the option of carrying the bag in one hand, like a case, or slung over your shoulder or across your back. Both the leather bags and canvas packs have leather straps for long wear.

To give the packs a longer life, the company does not use closures that can fail easily. This means that they rely on buckles rather than snaps or zippers.

What features are available for Saddleback Leather briefcases?

The company makes simple cases with a single foldover flap, cases with outside pockets, and hardside designs. Some can be converted to backpacks.

All the Saddleback Leather cases have a grab handle on top and a long, detachable band that lets you carry it over your shoulder. On the canvas bags, these are reinforced with leather at the stress points. Some models have interior dividers. Some also have a false bottom that can be used to store your passport or other valuable items. An interior key fob is another handy feature of some models.

Most of the Saddleback cases are structured to let you carry extra gear attached to the outside of the bag. Some have several D-rings that you can use as tie-on points, and some have panels that you can slip things through.

What colors are available from Saddleback Leather?

Saddleback offers their canvas in moss green. They offer four color choices in leather.

  • Tobacco is a rich, caramel brown.
  • Dark coffee brown is the color of your favorite brew.
  • Chestnut is the reddish-brown of classic horse tack.
  • Black is a true, dark black.
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