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Samsung HD Digital Home Satellite TV Receivers

Getting an HD Digital Home Satellite TV Receiver to Work For You

You have the option to work with one of many satellite television receivers for your home use. Samsung makes multiple models that are supported by various satellite service providers. Whether you are using DirecTV, Dish or any other satellite service, you will have to look at what your receiver has.

How Does the Receiver Work?

There are a few steps associated with getting one of these Samsung HD digital home satellite TV receivers to work for you:

  1. A decoder chip inside the receiver box corresponds to a programming package. You may find a unit that has a DirecTV or Dish chip. The chip may also be linked to an online network that lists information on your subscription, thus determining what channels you have access to.
  2. As the satellite dish outside the property takes in signals, the data is routed into the home through a cable. The link will create a connection to the coaxial wall ports around your home.
  3. A coaxial cable is attached to the end of the receiver. This must be screwed into the appropriate wall outlet.
  4. Another cable will have to be plugged into your television set. Most boxes use HDMI ports, but you might need an adapter if your TV set does not have such a port.
  5. The box then takes the signal and converts it into a format your TV can recognize. The MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 formats are the most common ones that the box will receive.
  6. Individual channels are taken in through the satellite signal. The box will search through the signals it gets and then switch over to the audio and video data based on the channel you want to watch. You will be blocked from certain channels if your account shows that you do not subscribe to a package that offers those networks.

What Features Come With Your Box?

Your TV receiver needs to come with some features that let you watch satellite television without any problem:

  • Signals. The box should take in digital and analog broadcasts. This includes both satellite and over-the-air content.
  • Software. The software may include a program guide that offers data on programs that will come on in the future.
  • Tuners. Multiple tuners may be included on your box. A tuner lets you switch from one channel to another while letting you rewind or fast forward through programs.
  • DVR Functionality. A receiver should include a digital video recording setup that lets you tape programs and play them back off of your box with no outside tapes.
  • Output Options. The outputs include choices for 1080p displays among other lower resolution choices that your TV set may support.

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