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Samsung Headphones

Boost Your Audio Experience with Samsung Headphones

Your Samsung smartphone or tablet needs the right accessories if you want to enjoy a satisfactory audio experience. Whether you prefer full-bodied sound while working out or balanced audio for professional use, Samsung headphones can suit a variety of lifestyles. Browse eBay's wide selection of Samsung headphones, earbuds, and earphones that are tailored for different preferences.

Which devices are compatible with the Samsung Gear IconX?

The original headphones for the Samsung Gear IconX are designed to work wirelessly, which eliminates the need to deal with tangled cables. The device boasts Bluetooth connectivity and long battery life. They are also capable of storing up music with a 3.5GB internal storage drive. The earphones are compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Gear IconX is also compatible with various iOS devices. See the manufacturer site for details. You will need a device that runs Android 4.4 or higher, and the device should have at least 1.5GB of RAM. Some of the compatible devices include:

  • Galaxy Watch 3
  • Galaxy Note 20
  • Galaxy S21

Can you use Samsung headphones on a TV?

Yes, many Samsung TVs come with earphone ports that allow users to connect audio accessories. The headphone jack will usually be usually located on either the back or the side of your TV, but this can vary depending on the model. Some TVs come with a digital audio output connected to a home theatre. In this case, the TV will need an amplifier in order to plug your headphones into the line-in connector. You can also use an RCA adapter to connect Samsung headphones to your TV. Check your Samsung TV specifications to see if it includes a headphone jack. You can also use Bluetooth Samsung headphones with an ultra-HD TV, which allows you to pair the accessories and listen to both speakers.

How does Samsung Active Noise Cancelling technology work?

Some Samsung original headphones, such as the Level U PRO, are equipped with noise-cancelling technology. The feature gets rids of ambient noise while listening to music. The headphones can detect noise from the environment and produces soundwaves to oppose unwanted sounds. The counteractive soundwaves cancel the noise and clear up the music so that only clean sound is produced by the speakers. The noise-cancelling function makes it possible for Samsung to create quality ultra-HD audio that can improve your listening experience, whether you're using a smartphone, TV, or tablet. Check the specifications of your Samsung headphones to confirm if they feature Active Noise Cancelling technology.

Buy Certified Refurbished Samsung Headphones

While you have a choice between new and used Samsung headphones when shopping on eBay, you also have a third option: Certified Refurbished. Certified Refurbished items are items renewed and sold by eBay-approved sellers. Each of these headphones come with a like-new guarantee (including accessories, instruction manuals, and packaging), a free return and replacement policy (within 30 days of receiving the item), and a two-year hassle-free warranty. We also regularly monitor our sellers to ensure they're meeting our stringent quality control metrics, ensuring buyers know they're only getting the best.

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