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Scott's Garden Fertilizers

Scotts fertilizer products have helped many residential and commercial growers achieve healthy lawns and gardens for years. All vegetation needs water and food to thrive. Their products feed your soil the nutrients that the grasses and flowering or fruiting vegetation in your yard need throughout the growing season.

What do the numbers mean on the packages?

The three numbers, written like 12-5-10, indicate the strength of the nutrients in the fertilizer. The first number indicates the nitrogen (N) content. Nitrogen supplies growing energy for flowers, fruits, and vegetables, and promotes chlorophyll production. Without it, vegetation would turn yellow and grow slowly, if at all. Grasses and leafy species require more N than flowers.

The second number is the phosphorus (P), a nutrient that promotes root development, along with flower and seed formation. Lawns do not require as much P. The third number shows how much potassium is in the fertilizer. All plants need this element for healthy overall growth.

Do fruits and vegetables need their own Scotts fertilizer?

Some plants have specific nutritional needs, grass lawns, tomatoes and roses. If you use Scotts Turf Builder exclusively in the yard, you will have plenty of leafy growth but little by way of food, seed, or flower production. It won’t hurt to feed a lawn a balanced fertilizer, but it won’t use the phosphorus since it doesn’t need it.

What is the best kind to use?

Scott lawn fertilizers contain different ingredients. Some have herbicides that block weed growth and others contain insecticides for lawn pests. If you are choosing Scotts products for the yard, check the package's labeling for its suitability.

How do you apply Scotts Turf Builder?

The instructions on all Scott lawn fertilizers, turf builders, and garden products describe their application methods. It is important to follow them for best results. The granular form is easiest to apply to grass with a broadcast spreader. The liquids are packaged as ready-to-use and attach to a water hose for precise application.

How long between Scotts Turf Builder and fertilizer applications?

The directions on the bag specify when and how much to apply. Following them closely, especially the watering requirements, will give you optimal results. While too little food in the yard will stunt the growth and production of grass, too much is also harmful. Scotts lawn fertilizers are concentrated, and too much will burn roots and stunt seed production.