Scuba & Snorkeling Masks

Scuba and Snorkeling Masks

Purchasing the right scuba and snorkel mask is important for your safety, comfort, and happiness during a dive. There are a large variety of styles and designs to choose from on the market. Select one that fits your face comfortably and provides a clear and unobstructed range of vision with no fog.

What kind of snorkel masks are available?

The most important factor to look for is a watertight and comfortable fit. This piece of equipment creates a clear space in front of your eyes so that you can enjoy the scenery to the fullest. When diving deeper, the nose pocket functions to equalize air pressure in the mask. A well-fitting snorkel or scuba piece should rest comfortably on your face when looking up at the ceiling without using a strap. Inhale in through your nose to check that it seals well.

Here are some styles and features to consider:

  • Single pane lens: There is a single lens on the front and lenses on both sides of the face to allow you to pick up peripheral movement.
  • Double pane lens: This style has two lenses on the front and lenses on either side of the face. These masks also accept prescription lenses if needed.
  • Diving Mask with No Purge Valves: This has a plain rubber nose with no opening.
  • Diving Mask with Purge Valves: The valve on the bottom of the nose allows one to keep the glass clear and free from fog by breathing out and to vent possible water leaks.
  • Full Face: Mainly used by professional divers, these cover the whole face, sealing water out and allowing the diver to breathe using a mouthpiece.
Which dive masks are available?

Choose from brands like Atomic and Cressi.

  • Atomic dive masks feature titanium as their metal of choice for improved diving performance. Titanium is very strong yet lightweight and does not rust, corrode, or pit, making it a low maintenance material.
  • Cressi produces snorkel equipment using High Seal and Crystal Silicone materials, praised for their softness, flexibility, and comfort.
How can you clear a mask underwater?

This is one of the most crucial skills to master when you dive or snorkel and can be done in less than one breath. Look up to make sure that your face is vertical. Exhale slowly through your nose only at the same time you press one hand against the top of the mask, forcing it to seal. As soon as you feel the glass is cleared, press the rest of the surface against your face and experience the clear vision.