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How to Shop for Internal Hard Drives

One of the most important aspects of a computer, you need adequate internal hard drive space in order to store all of the many files needed; not only to make the computer work but for your personal files as well. The more storage you need, the higher capacity of internal hard drive you need. Other things do matter, such as type of hard drive (SATA or SAS) and speed RPM. Seagate manufactures several different types of hard drives that work well for myriad reasons. 

How to Choose Storage Capacities 

You want to choose storage capacities based on how much storage you need. For many, a 320 GB is adequate but some may need upward of 1 TB for storage (or for other reasons). 

  • Up to 500 GB - This is the standard HDD size of many small computers. For a smaller internal hard disk drive, get one with adequate RPM. Also, there are fewer SATA hard drives available at this size. Cache is also an important aspect.
  • 500 GB to 1 TB - This offers you ample space for music, movies and other multimedia, or could easily be your partition drive. Again, look at RPM and SATA availability beyond GB capacity. 
  • 1 TB and up - These drives offer more than enough space for the general user, and could even be a choice for industrial networking. Look for Seagate drives that offer up to 12 TB of space, such as the Barracuda. 

Why Do I Need an Extra Hard Drive?

There are several reasons you may want an internal device and not all of them have to do with simply needing more storage space. 

  • Put OS and data on separate drives - This way, all of your Windows information is on one SATA or other HDD and your data is on the other.
  • Run two OS - You can run two different types of operating systems together on the same computer but using different drives. 
  • Prevent crashes - Double your information and save it to the other drive, should the first one crash.
  • Have a makeshift external drive - There's no explicit rule saying you can't use an internal drive as external storage provided it's a SATA HDD with excellent speed.

What Are the Different Types of Hard Drives?

There are several different hard drive types, or HDD, to choose from, including:

  • SATA - the "gold standard" when it comes to internal hard drives
  • SAS - an SCSI drive or scuzzy drive; typically for transfer of data
  • HDD - refers to most internal hard drives
  • SSD - solid state drives; small and fast

There are also external drives; many of these are SCSI or SCI (SAS) drives but they can also be referred to as HDDs as well.