Shar Pei de colección

Shar Pei Collectibles

Shar Pei collectibles are a viable choice for both serious and casual collectors. The types of collectibles for which people search are as varied as the dogs themselves.

What’s the origin of the Shar Pei breed?

The Shar Pei hailed from China over 2,000 years ago. They were bred for fighting and hunting. In modern times, however, they have been used as human companions and for herding and tracking.

Whatkinds of Shar Pei collectibles are there?

American, Chinese, and other collectibles come in every shape and form. Paintings, sculptures, and prints of males and females are popular choices. Some collectors look for yard items for sale like flags, door knockers, and welcome signs. Others look for indoor items like switchplates and floor mats.

Some collectibles can be worn. Wearable items like T-shirts, socks, bandannas, purses, and printed tote bags are accessible items for both novice and seasoned collectors. The Shar Pei puppy image has been applied to other wearable items like headbands, canvas shoes, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

There are toys in the image of the reserved Shar Pei that are available to collect. Plush stuffed animals in the shape of the dog are popular with kids, adults, and entire families.

Wristwatches featuring the puppy on the face of the watch is a sought-after collectors item for those with a pet. Mouse pads, pens, paperweights, hats, clocks, bags, coasters, mugs, and keychains are items that can be collected.

Some smaller collectibles are refrigerator magnets that feature funny and clever phrases. They are available in a variety of sizes featuring the Shar Pei’s image.

Colorful glass ornaments for the holidays and handmade ceramic teapots are also popular collectors items.

Limoges trinket boxes are collected by many. These feature the image of the Shar Pei and many are signed by the artist, indicating authenticity.

What are Shar Pei collectibles made of?

The materials that the collectibles are made from vary almost as much as the products themselves. As far as apparel goes, plush cotton, gold, pewter, and silver can all be found. If youre looking for something to decorate with, you can find it in ceramic, porcelain, plastic, metal, stone, and wood. This is just a small sampling of the various materials used to create these collectors items. A picture of health, you can even find stainless steel, working weathervanes with a Shar Pei crowning the peak.

Some of the original art pieces you can find include watercolor prints, acrylic paintings, oil paintings, and sculptures. They come in a variety of art styles, as well.