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Shooting Range Bags

When you're heading out to the range, you want to be sure that you have all of your gear with you. A range bag that has room for your guns and accessories is a key piece of equipment for any shooter. Shooting bags often have smaller pockets for you to secure items like your keys, phone, or wallet.

What are some different brands that make gun range bags?
  • Explorer
  • Unigear
  • Reebow Tactical
  • Lancer Tactical
  • Smith and Wesson
  • Orca Tactical
  • Osage River
What are the different types of range bags?

The size and shape of your bag should depend on what you're shooting.

  • Shotgun and rifle cases: If you're taking your gun to the range, you may want to bring it in a soft-sided case. These are lightweight and easy to carry. Hard cases are also available. With a hard exterior and a soft foam cushion on the inside, these types of carriers offer greater protection.
  • Pistol cases: You also have a choice of hard or soft cases when it comes to carrying your pistol. Many cases are made out of high-quality aluminum, and some others are made with plastic. Foam on the interior allows for a secure fit.
  • Tactical bags: Anyone who frequently heads out into the field might want to consider getting a tactical shooting bag or backpack. These can carry a variety of items, including extra clothing, food, and water, in addition to having special areas for firearms.
What features are available with shooting range bags?

You'll want to find a range bag that can carry all of your gear comfortably.

  • Storage compartments: At the very least, you need an area to keep your gun and your ammo safe. You may also want to secure your eye and ear protection when you're not shooting. Many range bags have zippered compartments on the sides, front, and back of them. Some range bags may have mesh openings for items like rags and gloves. Some of the tactical shooting bags are compatible with MOLLE pouches and accessories. You can quickly attach and detach these extra external pockets if you plan on being at the range all day or want to head out on an extended adventure.
  • Durability: Many range bags are made out of heavy duty nylon. Nylon is resistant to tearing, can hold up to different weather conditions, and is long-lasting.
  • Construction: A handbag works well for carrying guns and accessories a short distance. Some smaller range bags come with padded shoulder straps. If you're looking for a larger range bag for your shooting gear, you may want to go with something that has padded handles or backpack shoulder straps. A wheeled range bag is good if you have a lot of accessories and ammo.