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Give a Party or Event Flair Using Single Unit DJ Lighting

Hook up a DJ light to your audio equipment, and let the beams enhance the atmosphere. If you sync music with this equipment, you can make the lights match rhythms and beats. On eBay, you'll find strobe lights that hang in the air and LED lights that mount directly on a stage.

Lighting options for DJ equipment

DJ light equipment has lighting modes that can make an average event more exciting. Many Gobo and standard DJ illumination products on eBay can do one or more of the following modes:

  • Beams: If you want to shine a narrow stream of light above performers on a stage, a product that produces beams can help. New and used DJ lights that shine beams of light create basic colors on a stage, so you could program the technology so that the bulbs will produce a rainbow of colors throughout each song.
  • Color mixes: Color mixing hardware takes advantage of a lighting system's illumination capabilities to make different shades of light. Lights that mix colors have individual ports that shine a specific color. When multiple ports shine light together, new colors illuminate an environment.
  • Lasers: Laser lights emit beams that have an optical amplification level. A DJ laser light mounts on the ground; however, you can direct lasers in the air by adjusting the stand underneath the base.
Some control options for DJ lighting

All DJ light equipment has a controller that impacts how music is combined with light arrangements. You can use a controller to dim lights, increase light intensities, and more. Most DJ light products rely on LED fixtures, and the main control options for LED units are:

  • Analog
  • DMX
  • Manual
Some available lighting product options

On eBay, there are many DMX light types that give DJs advantages during jam sessions. For example, equipment that's circular can project different colors onto a stage. If a circular DJ light spins slowly or quickly, it will blast colorful lights around a performer. Besides circular types, you'll also find DMX DJ lighting devices that are designed with:

  • An effects fixture
  • A mirror ball
  • A PAR fixture
  • A spotlight
  • Fog effects
What are the light sources for DJ lighting equipment?

Besides standard UV, you'll also find units that are designed with UV LED technology. This particular LED design is very environmentally friendly as it's made without mercury. Also, when LED UV lights are manufactured, harmful gases don't impact the ozone layer.

What are the mobility options for DJ light tools?

Each DJ light type has a design aspect that makes basic transporting and relocating routines simple. For example, laser lights have a stand that converts to a handle. While the stand is up as a handle, you can tote the entire base to another location. DJ lights that don't have this type of layout can be transported in pieces. However, the stand that holds a typical DJ light is easy to relocate because the housing folds and collapses. If a lighting kit includes multiple lights, stands, and a sound board, you can transport everything in a DJ equipment bag or a standard travel bag.