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Hit the Slopes at Home With a Ski Exercise Machine

Ski exercise machines allow you to exercise in the comfort of your home or office with an alternative motion machine. These mimic the motion of a stride similar to the motions of a skier for a low impact exercise. When searching for a ski exercise machine on eBay, you have a wide range of new and used equipment to choose from along with parts and accessories to make the purchase simpler.

Are there replacement parts available?

When searching for replacement parts on eBay for your ski exercise machine, you can search based on the model and brand of your equipment. There will be new and used parts available and some of the new components will also come equipped with installation instructions as well.

How do you fold up ski exercise machines?

Some ski exercise machines have a foldaway feature that allows you to store it out of the way when it’s not in use. The manual will have the specifics on how to fold down the equipment, but generally, foldaway ski exercise machines are equipped with pushpin buttons tied to springs that can be pushed in to fold down the arms.

How do you adjust the elevation of the machine?

Some machines are equipped with a lever that allows you to raise and lower the angle of the ski exercise machine. By leaning forward, you can lower the front end while holding down the lever. Leaning back on the machine will allow you to raise the angle to a higher elevation. Some models may be equipped with a motorized incline adjustment

What are some of the features available on a ski exercise machine?

The flywheel in some ski exercise machines makes use of a magnetic resistance design that sends an electric current through a series of magnets. These will typically have a controller that allows you to increase the resistance for a more difficult exercise. Other features include an LCD display that allows you to keep track of your exercise. These screens will also display the settings so that you can make adjustments to the settings. Some models are also equipped with an input port where you can hook up a tablet or smartphone to listen to music, watch videos, or utilize apps while exercising. Some LCD screens will also make use of a map system and display video footage of an area to mimic exercising outdoors.

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