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Slendertone Toning Belts

The Slendertone toning belts for men and women are United States Food and Drug Administration-cleared, battery-powered devices. Theyre meant to be worn snugly around the waist in order to tone the abdominal region.

What features does the belt have?
  • Control panel: The control panel may be built into the unit or it may be a handheld device. A wired handheld unit is most common. The Connect model features a wireless handheld controller.
  • Mobile application: The Connect model includes custom coaching by an application to track and drive the users progress.
  • Gel pads: The gel pads conduct the current from the battery. There are several versions. Some pads are appropriate for any model. Others are designed to be used on specialized areas like the arms.
How does the belt work?

This toning belt works by sending a low-voltage electrical current to contract the users muscles at regular intervals. The signal travels from the battery to the belts conductive gel pads. They distribute the pulse across the user’s skin where it stimulates the nerve endings of the underlying abdominal muscles. This produces a tingling feeling in the muscles, followed by a noticeable contraction of the muscles. After using the belt, the area under the gel pads may be red. This is due to increased blood flow and will fade quickly.

What models of the belt are available?

There are two models of the ab toning belt available. There are also specialty products for toning other body areas. They all use the same electrical muscle stimulation technology. The available models include:

  • Abs Toning Belt: This is the most common model. It features 99 intensity levels, a handheld rechargeable controller, and seven preprogrammed workouts.
  • Connect Abs Belt: This device is controlled with the help of a mobile app. By tracking workout results and duration, it makes a personalized plan for each user. The app also provides reminders and motivation.
  • Flex Pro Arms Training System: This model uses gel pads to target the biceps and triceps muscles. There are 99 levels and three preprogrammed workouts designed to provide conditioning, strength, and power according to the users goals.
Which specific ab muscles does the toning belt target?

Three stomach muscles are targeted by these belts:

  • Rectus abdominis: This is more commonly known as the \"six-pack\" muscle group.
  • Obliques: The inner and outer obliques are on the sides of your abs.
  • Transversus abdomens: This muscle is important for stability. Toning this muscle can improve posture and pelvic stability.
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