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Snuggie Blankets and Throws

Snuggies are cozy blankets that are soft and made with sleeves to keep the blanket covering your body extra warm while allowing you to perform varying activities with your hands free. Snuggies come in numerous colors, patterns, and styles, allowing you to find the right match to complement your home décor and style preferences.

What are Snuggies made of?

A Snuggie blanket is made of a soft polar fleece material that is generally made of polyester or nylon. Polar fleece keeps you warm by trapping pockets of warm air created by your body heat in the material, keeping the heat close to the body and preventing it from dispersing. Some of these blankets have velvet and satin accents.

What sizes of Snuggies are there?

The classic Snuggie comes in one size. The size of these throws are 71 inches by 54 inches. The Tails collection is geared comes in kids' and adult sizes that are designed to fit most individuals.

What are Snuggie Tails?

This Snuggie is a twist on the classic sleeved blanket, allowing you to bring a fun aspect to sleepovers or hanging out at home with these imaginative blankets. They come in designs that include mermaids, dolphins, crocodiles, penguins, and more. These products don't have sleeves but act more as a sleeping bag, wrapping around the legs and keeping you warm while leaving your hands free for activities.

Can you wash and dry a Snuggie?

A Snuggie can be thrown in the washer on a delicate and cold washing cycle. It should be turned inside out and washed on its own to maintain the material's soft appearance and feel. A Snuggie can be put into the dryer as long as the dryer is set on a low heat, and it is not dried for an excessive amount of time. Air-drying can prolong the life of your Snuggie. If air-drying the throw, make sure to lay it flat so it does not become stretched out.

Can Snuggies be worn outdoors?

These blankets are known for being used typically indoors; however, they can also be used outdoors. These blankets can be worn to sporting events as the sleeves allow for plenty of mobility and will not slip off easily. They are also great for hanging out around the campfire or fire pit, leaving your arms unrestricted in the sleeves to roast s'mores and do other activities.