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How to Hear Every Word from Your TV

As TVs have gotten larger and flatter, they have left less and less room in the case for good quality speakers. While this is an issue in one way, it has also opened up a host of alternative sound solutions, many of which help make it easier to hear the dialogue from your TV.

What's the Difference Between Solutions?

When you're looking for improved TV audio, the easiest way to do it is with an external audio solution. Companies like Sonos offer a wide range of different audio solutions that can turn your lackluster TV sound into something much better. There are three main external solutions:

  • Playbar: This soundbar features nine speakers including three tweeters and a phased array of six mid-woofers to direct sound where you're sitting. Connect to a subwoofer wirelessly for even more immersion and enjoy bass-heavy movies with lots of explosions.
  • Playbase: The soundbase switches the mid-woofers for mid-range and adds a dedicated woofer for a total of ten speakers. It takes up more space but can usually help to support your TV.
  • Speakers: A full home theater setup can do so much more than a TV. You can get a full-theater immersive experience while listening to movies, as well as pump up the center channel so that the dialogue is easier to hear against the background. 

What Can You Do with a Playbar?

Not only does the Playbar give you a better experience when listening to the TV, it also provides a whole range of other functions that you can take advantage of especially if you have the app installed. It's a two-cable experience, with one for signal and on for power. There's no reason at all why it can't provide an Alexa-enabled all-in-one music solution for your home:

  • Smart Speaker: The smart speaker functionality lets it take advantages of services like Alexa and actually respond to voice control, so you can use it as you move around the house. That way you can enjoy your DRM-free podcasts and playlists, and manage music services by voice command. In addition to Alexa, the company is working on adding AirPlay 2 support, so you can cast from your iPhone to the AirPlay 2 enabled speaker.
  • Streaming: The Playbar uses wireless streaming from Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth. It ties directly into your home network for increased bandwidth. This gives it the range to keep streaming Spotify even if you leave the room; giving you a true multi-room experience.
  • Dialogue Enhancement: With both night mode and speech enhancement capability, the Playbar can boost the frequencies of human speech and lower the relative volume of the background channels. This improves the sound quality in the areas where you need it.

Enjoying the Experience

Like many other soundbars the Sonos Playbar aims to be the centerpiece of your home sound system. It gives you access to multiple streaming services, so you can enjoy streaming music anywhere. It uses your TV's optical connector, so HDMI inputs are not necessary and can even wall-mount if you need the space. Just plug the optical cable into the soundbar and start listening Connect to a wireless subwoofer for more bass, and to wireless speakers for full surround. Use the Playbar to add Hi-Fi output to your Blu-ray players and build a full sound system.

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