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Finding Your Next Smartphone

The mobile phone began as a luxury item but today, it is a basic and essential device for most of society. With the development of iOS and Android features, users have grown even more dependent to their phones. Brands also abound. Companies like Sony and others have included mobile phones in their product lines. You can find unlocked devices like Xperia units. You can also take out contracts from AT&T and other networks.

What Are Basic Features of a Cellphone?

As you choose between models such as the Xperia or other Android phones, these basic features are some considerations:

  • Calling and Messaging. Some people complain of low and mumbled sound quality during calls. Gather user information on your desired pick before making a choice. A simple user interface benefits newbies and seniors. Consider that if you're getting one for an aging parent or friend. An actual keypad may also be preferable as opposed to a touchpad. 
  • Internet Browsing. We've come to depend on the internet for many activities beyond answering emails. It's good to get a phone that lets you access the internet anytime you need to. LTE devices give you fast browsing, streaming, and download speeds. Xperia and other Android phones have LTE models. Check out Xperia Ion for options.
  • Photography and Videography. It is good to get a decent camera that shoots memorable photos and clear videos. You may want to check out a minimum of 5 MP rear camera. Get good front camera lenses if you like taking selfies. Check out Xperia TL for options.

What Are Cool Phone Features to Consider?

  • External Storage. Having the option to expand your phone memory using external storage cards is a big plus. You can store more music for hours of listening outdoors. You can even keep movies you can watch during a long plane or bus ride. If you love taking photos and videos, this feature is actually a necessity. Sony Xperia and other Android models offer external storage.
  • Bluetooth and Infrared. Bluetooth connectivity lets you transfer files between devices. You can also connect your phone to external speakers. With infrared, you can turn your cellphones into a TV remote control. Xperia XZ and other GSM phones feature Bluetooth technology.
  • Long Battery Life. For heavy users and those who go outdoors on a regular basis, long battery life is a necessity. Also, those who use the internet often should consider getting LTE devices that offer long battery life since LTE may consume more power.

What Should You Consider in Choosing Networks?

In deciding between AT&T or other network companies, consider the following:

  • Network coverage in your area.
  • Call, message, and data inclusions.
  • Lock-in period.

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