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Sony Portable AM/FM Radio Headsets

Portable Personal Radio Headset

Aside from their ever-popular Walkman, Sony produces great sounding head gear that can connect to your Walkman but also work on their own to listen to the radio or songs you have download from the internet.

What Are the Features of a Sony Portable Radio Headset?

  • Sound Quality. These headphones have mega bass sound system incorporated into their design to provide a rich, deep bass tones with a smooth sound most often associated with the Walkmans.
  • Noise Canceling. Some of the newer headgear has noise canceling capabilities built into the earpieces that block out any extraneous sound other than the music from your Walkman or radio tuned into your headpiece itself. 
  • AM/FM Tuner. Some earphones, specifically associated with the Walkman series, have an AM/FM analog tuner that allows you to listen to most of your favorite radio channels through an exterior antenna.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity. Another feature that some of the newer models have is being able to connect to other smart devices with a wireless connection. Gone are the times when you have to plug your headphones directly into a stereo system using a cable. Now you can stream your music from most devices to your earphones through a simple wireless connection.
  • MP3 Player. Additionally, some of the earphones have MP3 capabilities and are able to play music that you download online and play directly through the earbuds. earphones that have this capability usually have additional GB storage to upload and store the songs.

What Are Some Accessories Available for Portable Headphones?

  • Case. While some headphones come with waterproof protective cases to hold them, others may come separately. It is important to have a good solid case to ensure that your headphones are safe from scratching and damage. Many of these cases are waterproof with a zippered enclosure. Additionally, these cases have other compartments to hold cables or other audio equipment and accessories.  
  • Foam Ear Pad Covers. If you plan to use these headphones quite frequently or know that you are the type of person to give your belongings a good wear and tear, having extra pad covers might be a good idea. Depending upon the style of headphone you choose, the earphones may vary in sizes. The ear pad covers are easy to change out if you rip or wear them down. They are a thin foam that encases the entire earphone, cushioning your ear but also filtering the noise that travels through them, but can also cancel out any background noises that are in your surrounding environment. 
  • Batteries. Because these many of these headphones are battery operated, it is key to have several of the appropriate batteries on-hand whenever a switch out is needed. Most of these headphones use 1 AA battery, which is relatively common and easy to find.
  • Bluetooth connections. Some of these audio headsets allow you to connect wireless through a Bluetooth connection. You may need additional hook-ups or accessories to be able to utilize this function. 

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