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Help Protect Your Investment With a Speck 13-Inch Laptop Case

The lightness and portability that you love about your 13-inch laptop also make it vulnerable to damage. Speck offers a line of hardshell cases, sleeves, and laptop bags that combine protective features with sleek design.

Which laptops will Speck cases and bags fit?

The 13-inch Speck laptop case fits the MacBook. The cases are specific to certain models, such as MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, with and without Retina display. The companys backpack laptop bags can hold any laptop up to 15 inches.

How is the SmartShell case different from the SeeThru case?

The SmartShell and SeeThru cases share most of their features. The main difference is that the SmartShell material offers even more protection than the SeeThru. Speck claims that the SmartShell case is 47% stronger than the SeeThru case. The corner clips that hold the case on are 60% stronger.

Both styles of cases are the hardshell type. They have separate top and bottom pieces that clip to the corners of your laptop for a secure fit. The material is designed to resist fingerprints, scratches, and scuffs. It has vents that allow for heat dispersal. The bottom piece is fitted with rubber feet that help keep your laptop from sliding or being accidentally pushed off the table. Depending on the model, these cases are available in colors that include Onyx Black, Calypso Blue, and Hot Lips Pink.

What are some features of the Presidio case?

Another hardshell offering by this company is the clear Presidio case. It is made of polycarbonate with an inner layer of IMPACTIUM CLEAR material to absorb shocks. The manufacturer claims that this case can protect your laptop from 4-foot drops.

The Presidio case has a raised border around the edges that makes it easy to grip and carry. It clips on and has rubberized feet to help keep your laptop in place. As with all Speck hardshell cases, you can unclip the Presidio and take it off as easily as you can clip it on. The clear material resists yellowing from exposure to UV light.

Does Speck have soft cases for a 13-inch laptop?

Yes. Its soft case is called the Flaptop sleeve. It has a flex zone on one end that allows the flap to bend back. After you slide your laptop into the sleeve, the flap folds back into place for a secure closure.

The slim Flaptop sleeve has IMPACTIUM Foam Shock Barrier material to help protect your laptop. The sleeves are gray with contrast trim around the edges. The material can be wiped clean and repels moisture.

What laptop bags are available from Speck?

If you want a bag that will carry your laptop plus your books, gym clothes, or other accessories, a backpack bag might fit the bill. There are a few different models of bags available that differ mainly in the way the pockets and compartments are configured. They share the following features:

  • Padded sleeve for a laptop
  • Separate compartment for a tablet
  • Padded mesh straps
  • Water bottle pockets
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