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Stage Backdrops and Folding Screens

Stage and theatre productions use a variety of backdrops to create backgrounds for a production. These stage items can be paired up with many types of shows and events. If you are interested in buying backdrops for productions, shows, or events in your theatre, there are many considerations you must make before purchasing one.

What backdrop types are available?

Those who are interested in stage backdrops and folding screens for their stage shows have many options from which to choose. These types will vary depending on the design and how much room the backdrop takes up. For example, a draped backdrop can be hung from the ceiling to create a large and diverse background for many types of events.

However, you can also find folding screens that are a little smaller but easier to move than other types. Facade and scrims have a similar design that makes them useful for small and large shows. The specific designs and colors on these backdrops can also be adjusted to suit the needs of your particular stage show.

Which mount types are available?

Every kind of backdrop for shows and stage performances has mounts that help hold it up. These mounts will vary depending on the design of the background and the needs of your show. For example, some models have a modular pipe and base mount. This mount can be taken apart and put back together quickly. As a result, it is usually more portable than other types of backgrounds.

There are also suspended track backgrounds that can be wheeled onto the stage and removed quickly. These are usually a little larger than pipe backgrounds but cannot be taken apart. You can also invest in tripod stand models and truss frame stands. These types utilize a simple and streamlined design to make them easier to use.

What materials are used for these backgrounds?

Backdrops are not uniformly designed with one type of material. Instead, there is a broad range of items used to build them. Just a few to consider include:

  • Cloth: the most common type of material used for these backgrounds
  • Silk: creates a softer look
  • Cotton: stronger and more resistant to stains than other backgrounds
  • Plastic: typically used as a support material for the mounts
  • Metal: integrated into the stands and mounts for these stage backdrops
Can they be used as green screens?

Those who are interested in these backdrops for television or movies may convert them into a red or green screen. These screens allow special effects artists to put in different backgrounds that would be impossible otherwise.

When using them for this purpose, it is essential to find one that is green or red. Then, people in front of the backdrop must not wear clothing that matches this color. Otherwise, they will have part of the background on their body instead of on the backdrop.

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