Stained Glass Lamps

Stained Glass Lamps

A stained glass lamp typically consists of a lamp base plus an ornamental yet functional glass lampshade. The shades often feature pictorial designs or multi-colored geometric patterns. They might also include colorful, eye-catching jeweled embellishments as accents.

What types of stained glass lamps are available?
  • Table lamps: These are intended for placement on tabletops. They can add elegance to nightstands placed at your bedside. Theyll dress up occasional tables in your foyer or main living area. You can place them on just about any table .
  • Floor lamps: These are taller lamps that can be placed at intervals on the floor around a room to add to the amount of ambient light in the space. If you place one purposefully close to a chair or other seating, you can also use a floor lamp as task lighting.
  • Desk lamps: These are short lamps that are designed as convenient task lighting. Their purpose is to help illuminate the items on your desktop.
What are some styles and design themes for glass lampshades?

Louis Comfort Tiffany designed a sizable number of handcrafted glass lamps in the art nouveau style. He utilized a variety of design themes including floral designs, peacocks, dragonfly forms, and other sorts of designs. Craftsman and mission style designs feature a variety of motifs including geometrics and others.

Art deco glass shades can be dazzling and opulent. They often include crystals or jeweled accents. Some are genuine antiques, and youll also find an abundance of later reproductions made to resemble the originals. Common design themes include geometrics, florals, botanicals, dancers, female forms, and animal designs.

What are some well-known makers of art glass lamps?
  • Louis Comfort Tiffany: Louis Tiffany was a decorative artist whose talents included glassmaking. Some of his most memorable works include art nouveau-style glass to use as shades for table lamps.
  • Dale Tiffany: Dale Tiffany is a maker of handmade art glass table lamps and other types of lighting. Dale Tiffany designs include high-quality reproductions of Louis Comfort Tiffanys famous antiques.
  • Meyda: Meyda is a manufacturer of table lamps and a wide variety of other light fixtures. Theyre well-known for creating art glass classics that feature the noteworthy Tiffany copperfoil construction technique.
  • Quoizel: Quoizel is a manufacturer of Tiffany-style table lamps and other decorative accessories.
  • Roycroft: Roycroft lamps typically feature bases of hammered metal. Some time in the 1920s, Roycroft began pairing their famous copper table lamp bases with shades of art glass made by Steuben Glassworks. Much rarer antiques dating back to 1910 or earlier include lamps featuring Roycroft hammered copper paired with leaded glass shades designed by Karl Kipp.