Challenge Your Mind and Have Fun With Strategy Board Games

Strategy games have been a popular form of entertainment since early versions of chess were developed in the seventh century. The development of more complex rule sets and subjects has allowed manufacturers to create board games that cater to a multitude of interests and playing ability. You can find products ranging from collector's sets of the newest card expansions to vintage two-player games that use playing boards and pieces.

What type of strategy board games are available to purchase?

Combat games have traditionally dominated the market, but developers have created additions that highlight alternate strategy options. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Area Control - Players gain ownership of a part of the board and use resources to develop and protect it while others try to take it away.
  • Co-op Games - Working together against an opponent in the game itself makes this a unique type of strategy game.
  • Deck Building - Collecting and using cards as the primary action in board games has become popular in recent years.
  • Token Placement - Markers are used to represent workers placed on parts of the board to gain control and/or resources.
Can you play Catan variants with just the base game?

The answer depends upon the product you are looking at. Catan "Crop Trust" and the various Catan "Regional Editions" require only the Catan base game to play. The Catan "Legend of the Sea Robbers" variant requires the base game as well as the Catan "Seafarers" base game expansion. Catan "Legend of the Conquerors" will require that you have the base game and the "Cities & Knights" base game expansion.

How many boards are included in Squad Leader and its expansions?

Collectors and players will note that Avalon Hill packaged four boards with various terrain in the Squad Leader box set (board one was urban, two contained hills, three had a village, and four was rural). Cross of Iron contained board five, which added forest terrain. The crescendo of Doom expansion added an orchard with board six and river terrain with board seven. A direct mail-order product titled Rogue Scenarios included boards nine (mountains), ten (forest/village), and eleven (low hills).

If you are seeking to purchase Avalon Hills' final expansion in the series, GI: Anvil of Victory, you should keep in mind it includes boards numbered before and after those found in Rogue Scenarios.

  • Eight - River terrain
  • Twelve - Another village
  • Thirteen - More rural terrain
  • Fourteen - Rural/Airfield
  • Fifteen - More hill terrain
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