Suede Moccasin Slippers for Men

Suede Moccasin Slippers for Men

Moccasin shoes have been a popular footwear choice throughout history, and they are still around today. Mens suede moccasins are great shoes to have as a part of your footwear collection because they are comfortable, warm, and coordinate well. Whether you are wearing these slippers around the house or out on the town, there are many different colors, sizing, patterns, and styles.

How do you care for suede moccasins?

Suede moccasins are durable shoes and can even be worn outdoors. However, proper care is essential to maintain their condition and prolong the life of these slippers.

  • Protection: The soft material may absorb water. This is why you should apply a stain and water repellent to the moccasin slippers to keep them looking good and feeling soft.
  • Cleaning: To clean soft leather, use a specialized brush to groom dust out of the nap. A gentle leather cleaner can be used with a damp soft-bristled brush for tougher stains. Let the moccasins air dry afterwards.
  • Storage: Between uses, store the moccasins in a cool, dry space away from heat sources and sunlight.
How do you know what size moccasin to buy?

Many mens moccasin slippers come in standard US sizes. However, it may be necessary to take your measurements when buying a pair to compare with a sizing chart. Take the measurements of your foot by standing flat against a wall with a piece of paper under your feet, measuring the distance between your heel and big toe. You want the slippers to fit snug on the foot so they do not slide off easily. Take into consideration the socks you may be wearing with the slippers. Also measure your feet later in the day to account for the increase in blood flow that makes them larger.

How are a crepe sole and a soft sole different?

Mens moccasins may incorporate a variety of different materials in the sole. Consider what they will be used for before purchasing these slippers.

  • Soft: The soft sole slippers are ideal for indoor settings. The sole is generally made of suede or other soft materials that are not suited to the outdoors. These shoes are known for their warmth and comfort, as they are typically lined with wool.
  • Crepe: A crepe sole is a more durable option that is generally made of textured rubber. This provides more traction and support in outdoor settings.
Are suede moccasins water-resistant?

The soft material of some moccasins have been distressed to give the shoes a softer feel and look. Because of this, moccasins will generally absorb liquids that come into contact with them. You can make their soft leather resistant to water by spraying water repellents onto the slippers every few months. This can also protect your shoes from UV rays, stains, and dirt.