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Supreme Coats & Jackets for Men

Discover Your Favorite Supreme Jackets

Whenever it feels a little chilly, a Supreme jacket can be a great way to stay warm. This brand is known for creating streetwear inspired pieces that have a cool and casual appearance. Theyre available on eBay in new and pre-owned condition at a price point youll love.

Materials to consider when shopping for Supreme jackets

The material used to make a jacket greatly affects the way the jacket looks and feels. Here are some of the many useful material options you can pick from when getting Supreme jackets.

  • Leather: Leather Supreme jackets are typically made from thick cow or sheep leather. Even some fabric jackets may use a little leather as an accent.
  • Wool: This natural fabric is thick yet breathable, and it helps to wick away moisture.
  • Fur: Faux fur and real fur is used as an accent and helps to retain warmth around the neck and wrists on some jackets.
  • Fleece: Fleece is a polyester material that is soft, fluffy, and warm.
  • Cotton: Cotton is a lightweight fabric often found in Supreme hoodies.
  • Synthetics: Synthetic materials like acrylic and nylon can help to repel water, make materials stretch, or increase shine in a jacket.
Does Supreme collaborate with other brands for their jackets?

Supreme occasionally works with other fashion brands to create jackets that have the signature Supreme style along with a few other extras. For example, the Supreme jacket for North Face has the shape of classic North Face jackets while having the fun logos and patterns of Supreme and the Supreme jacket for Louis Vuitton has the brands LV monogram print on a Supreme jacket shape. They have also worked with sports teams like the Oakland Raiders and material manufacturers like Gore-Tex for some of their jacket designs.

How to choose a Supreme jacket

Here is a simple guide you can use whenever you are trying to pick out a Supreme jacket.

  • Decide on condition: Think about whether you would like an affordable used Supreme jacket or a new one.
  • Pick your jacket type: Choose between varieties like Supreme hoodies, windbreakers, varsity jackets, bombers, and more.
  • Select a design: Browse the many Supreme jackets available and pick out a design you want.
  • Choose your color: If a particular design comes in multiple colors, you can pick out your favorite one.
  • Find your size: Measure your chest, arms, shoulders, and waist and compare them to the manufacturers size chart to see which size you will need.
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