Connect to Your T-Mobile Service With a 4G SIM Card

Connect to the internet when you need to by accessing the data on your personal or company phone. Once a SIM card is inserted into your T-Mobile phone, you can recall stored numbers, make calls, send texts, and contact customer service. Choose the right SIM card for your own personal requirements.

What is meant by GB of data?

This refers to the amount of gigabytes (GB) allocated to connect to the internet via a mobile phone. A SIM card affords a customer a set amount of GB for time allocated to internet use. Customers should look for phones with the necessary amount of data for their intended internet usage plans.

Are there different SIM card sizes?

Yes, there are three different SIM cards (Subscriber Identity Module cards) designed for specific models of phones based on their manufacturing year. Also, a fourth universal T-Mobile company SIM design exists as well. The four available SIM cards are:

  • Mini SIM: The Mini SIM refers to the standard size found in phones produced prior to 2011. The Mini SIM remains a common fixture in prepaid phones. Despite the name, it's big compared to the other types.
  • Micro SIM: This type of SIM is much smaller than the Mini SIM. The Micro SIM generally features enhanced security. The phone books on a Micro SIM present advanced features.
  • Nano SIM: The Nano SIM reflects the smallest and thinnest of all SIM cards. Despite the smaller size, a Nano SIM does not store less data than the Mini SIM and Micro SIM.
  • 3-1 SIM: As the name indicates, a 3-1 SIM fits any cell phone since it is compatible with Mini, Micro, and Nano SIM slots.
What is a 4G network indication on the SIM?

4G stands for "fourth-generation" and, on a T-Mobile company SIM card, it indicates the type of wireless cellular service afforded by the company. Wireless cell service doesn't refer exclusively to phone and text usage. With a 4G network, a user can connect to the internet. 4G wireless is known for being a very fast wireless service in comparison to the two other available networks: 2G and 3G services. This means that data speed moves quickly when engaged.

What is meant by "for unlocked GSM phones only?"

There are two main forms of mobile wireless standards: GSM and CDMA. GSM is a common standard used in many places throughout the world. The T-Mobile company utilizes the GSM network. A SIM card intended to work in a GSM device cannot work on one designed for the CDMA network. As for unlocked, this means the phone isn't literally locked into using one specific carrier network.