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Choosing a SIM Card

It used to be that SIM cards were a one size fits all approach, but as the technology improved, more types were invented in order to fit different devices. As the small but important smart cards found inside our cell phones, which connect us to the network, give us our unlimited talk and internet connection, choosing the correct SIM card to fit your phone is crucial.

The nano SIM first appeared in 2012, when phone makers began manufacturing smartphones that would fit this size, so phone providers began supplying them. If you're on a T-Mobile plan or part of their network and are looking for a SIM card to suit your phone, there are a few features to consider to make sure you choose the right one.

Which Devices Use a Nano SIM Card?

Most cellphones from after 2014, when the nano SIM technology first released, came with the option to use one. With T-Mobile network being one of the larger carriers in the country, it was imperative to have these smaller smart cards ready to meet the new release of phones. These are just a few of the popular makes and model of phone that now take these SIM cards for the mobile carrier.

  • iPhone: All iPhone 5s models and after use these new SIM card styles.
  • Samsung: The Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge and any phones from after use this type of SIM.
  • Sony: All models after and including the Sony Xperia Z3 use the nano SIM.
  • LG: Any phone after the LG G5 model will use a nano.

How Does a Nano SIM Card Differ from a Micro SIM?

The two most common types of SIM today are nano and micro, with people often confusing the pair. New releases of phones all use the nano SIM, but there are still some models that accept a micro size or a 3-in-1 SIM kit. Here are the ways that a nano differs from a micro SIM.

  • Thinner: The standard SIM size for nano is about 15 percent thinner than a micro.
  • Dimensions: The micro measures 0.6 by 0.4 inches with the nano measuring 0.5 by 0.3 inches.
  • Compatibility: When the micro SIM released, you could recreate it by cutting down the standard SIM, but the nano cannot trim down to size due to its thickness.

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