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E-Mount Camera Lens Compatibility and Features

One of many different mounting systems used by camera manufacturers, you can utilize the E-mount with a range of different lenses through the use of an adapter. With all the different terminology and abbreviations, such as Di VC USD, it can be difficult to determine which zoom or prime is right for you. So what exactly is an E-mount, what are its advantages, and what should you be looking for when purchasing one?

What Is an E-Mount Camera Lens?

The E-mount is a system of mounting the camera lens to the body created by Sony for its mirrorless cameras and some camcorders.

  • By removing the mechanical aperture and focus drive in the E-mount, the complexity of the mounting system was effectively simplified.
  • The radius of the flange—the metal ring on the front of the camera and rear of the lens—is also reduced in the E-mount system. In addition, the flange distance shortens to 18mm, with most of the brands previous mounting systems having a flange distance of 44.5mm.
  • You can usually fit bodies with a small flange-to-film distance with adapters that enable you to utilize them with a large range of different lens types.

Which Features Do E-Mount Lenses Have?

Whether you want a prime macro lens or variable focal length telephoto zoom, you can find a range of different E-mount lenses equipped with optical technology and designed to be compatible with a range of bodies.

  • Tamron lenses with the abbreviations Di VC USD feature digitally-integrated designs (Di) and contain vibration compensation (VC) image stabilization technology.
  • The USD on these Di lenses indicates that they have an ultrasonic silent drive for speedy and silent autofocusing.

What Should You Look for When Buying E-Mount Lenses?

In addition to Sonys own brand of lenses, you can also find E-mounts by third-party manufacturers, such as Tamron, which made a name for its Di lenses and optical technology features.

  • As a result of the short flange distance of E-mounts, many Di lenses not specifically designated as E-mount lenses may be compatible with the use of an adapter ring. This broadens the range of possibilities when it comes to buying zoom and prime lenses. However, you should also keep in mind the crop factor associated with APS-C image formats when selecting a lens.
  • Lenses designated as \"FE\" are compatible with full-frame cameras, while those that have an \"E\" in their title are part of the Standard E-mount Series and compatible with APS-C cropped image sensor cameras.

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