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Go Panoramic With a Tamron Wide-angle Camera Lens

Tamron is a Japanese-based company that manufactures camera lenses and other optical components for different camera models. When selecting Tamron camera lenses, there are different options from which to choose. Know what to look for by following these guidelines.

What is a wide angle lens?

A wide shot lens has a wide field of view and a shorter focal length (FL). This type of lens is used to take landscape photos and architecture to get more background detail in the image. There are two main types of wide shot lenses that include fixed FL and variable FL.

How do you select a lens for your camera?

Several factors come into play when selecting camera lenses:

  • Choose a lens mount design: Camera body may be compatible with mount design from another manufacturer
  • Choose a camera type: Options include single-lens reflex, digital SLR, and mirrorless.
  • Select a focal length and maximum aperture: FL can vary between 17 mm and 300 mm for wide-shot lenses; maximum aperture can range from f/1.8 to f/3.8.
  • Select a focus type: Lens options include manually adjusted, automatic, fixed, and mixed focus.
What is focal length?

FL is measured in millimeters. The focal distance on a lens tells you what the angle of view and the magnification of the image. The higher FL value will have a narrower angle of view and a higher magnification level. The angle of view determines how much of the scene will be captured by the lens.

What is a lens aperture?

The aperture is the opening that allows light to pass through the lens. A lens will have its aperture calibrated in whats called F/stops. One example is F/1.4. Lower F/stop values provide more exposure and represent the aperture being larger or more open. Lower values provide less depth of field and a faster shutter speed. The reverse is true for higher values. Make sure that your lens aperture is properly adjusted before you take pictures.

What types of focus options are available?

Multiple focus options offer variety n shooting styles:

  • Autofocus lenses utilize cameras computer to adjust the focus settings based on the subject and lighting
  • Auto- and manual-style lenses employ cameras computer to focus the image by default, allowing user to make adjustments as needed.
  • Fixed focus lenses have preset focus settings set by manufacturer; commonly used on cellphone cameras and certain single-lens cameras.
  • Manual focus lenses will have dial or ring that allows for focus adjustment; used for static subjects and use with tripod.
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