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Thigh Exercisers

Thigh exercisers have the potential to help you tone your inner thighs in the comfort of your own home. These exercise devices rely upon gentle resistance, to help improve your fitness through thigh workouts.

What is a thigh exerciser?

The basic thigh exercise model consists of a V-shaped, spring-loaded piece of steel tubing with foam padding around the arms of the V. It’s designed to be placed between your upper legs so that you can tone your inner thighs as you push your knees together. Most manufacturers of thigh exerciser equipment recommend doing three sets of 20 repetitions and resting for a minute between sets. Many people like using these pieces of exercise equipment because they can read, surf the web, or watch TV while using them. Thigh exercisers are available in a range of colors, sizes, and shapes.

Which parts of your body can you exercise?

One of the benefits of this exerciser is that it works several different leg tensors and flexors in addition to your inner thighs. These include:

  • Adductors: Adductors are the set of five muscles in the medial thigh that allow you to close your legs.
  • Quadriceps: Commonly referred to as quads, this set of muscular extensors comprises the greater part of the front of your upper leg. Quads are the main muscles you use when you extend your knees.
  • Abductors: Abductors are located on the outer side of your upper thighs. They help move your legs away from the midline of your trunk.
Can these devices be used to work other muscles?

In addition to the inner thighs, this equipment can be used to work several of the flexor and extensor groups that function to allow limbs to move away from and toward the trunk.

  • Chest: Begin working your chest by placing your forearms on the device's handles with the handles pointing downward. Squeeze your elbows as closely together as possible in a steady, controlled movement to obtain the most benefit.
  • Upper body: Hold the device's handles in your hands and move them slowly up and down while squeezing the piece of equipment as firmly as you can. This move will exercise your biceps, triceps, chest, and shoulders.
  • Upper Back: Place the handles of your equipment against either one of the sides of your chest. If you are working the left side of your trunk, your left forearm should be resting lightly on the handle, and the handles should be pointing downward. With your right hand, grasp the device. Now, squeeze while positioning your left arm on the handle of the equipment. Push down in the direction of your hip with the inside of your elbow. To work both sides of your back, alternate this exercise between your right and left sides.

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