Get the Vintage Vibe with a Tomioka Lens

You love discovering little gems to add to your photography kit, and a Tomioka lens fits the bill. eBay has a large collection of these lenses, so you can start exploring now.

What are the features of a Tomioka lens?

The company started producing camera lenses in 1924 and introduced a camera prototype in the 1930s. The lenses were known for producing consistent, high quality images, and they continue to be desired by photographers who prefer older technologies. Some of the features of the lens are the following:

  • Performance: Reliable lenses are paramount to photographers, and these lenses stand out as delivering consistent operation and image quality.
  • Reputation: Tomioka made lenses for some of the top camera manufacturers, and the history of the company has led to loyalty among users.
  • Innovation: The company is known for being the first to develop many camera lenses, some of which remain the only ones of their kind ever produced.
What type of Tomioka lenses are available?

The eBay catalog includes a range of used Tomioka lenses. Some of the more common focal lengths are 50mm to 180mm with apertures ranging from f/1 to f/4.5. You may even find the company's f/1.2 lens, the only lens on the market with this aperture.

Will a Tomioka lens fit your camera?

The lenses fit M42 screw mounts that are found on 35mm single-lens reflex cameras. The mount measures 42mm in diameter and 1mm in thread pitch. It will not fit a T-mount due to the smaller thread pitch. Each model may have a slightly different mount, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

How do you find a Tomioka lens for your camera?

Original lenses from the company are no longer produced, but you can find used lenses on eBay. When choosing a Tomioka lens for your camera, consider the following:

  • Condition: Minor damage and scratches to the body will not affect performance. Review the lens description for notes about issues with operation and image quality. Pay special attention to the focusing ring and aperture blades.
  • Model: The model of the lens that you buy determines how you can use it in your photography. Look for a focal length and aperture that suits your needs.
  • Coating: Some of these lenses were made with a special coating to protect the glass and reduce lens flare.
  • Lens caps: The lenses were shipped with caps for the front and back lenses.
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