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Toshiba TV, Video and Home Audio Remote Controls

Control Your Entertainment With a Toshiba Remote Control

Entertainment on TV is engaging, but imagine what it would be like for you to get up every time you want to change the channel. The remote control was invented to avoid that very situation. Choose from the many models of Toshiba TV remote controls available.

What is a remote control?

A remote control is an operative device for controlling the operations on a TV from a distance. It allows for quick change of channels and changing the settings on a Toshiba TV or other appliance. An array of buttons is present on the Toshiba TV control that can do perform many functions on the TV.

What is the different designation for remote controls?

Television remote controls are designated in name and model by the TV sets they are compatible with. A remote control will usually mention that it is compatible with a couple of TV sets of the same brand. For example, the remote control will have names like CT-90380, CT-90386, CT-90336, or CT-90351. These are the TV brands that they are compatible with. This number can be found on the back of the TV set.

How do remote controls work?

There are two types of remote control functions:

  • Infrared remote control: IR remote control uses pulses of infrared light from the remote controls transmitter with specific binary codes that match the designated TV set or sets. The codes correspond to different operations. Pushing a button on the remote control touches a contact to complete the operation. The LED light inside sends a command to the front of the remote. The pulses that are sent out reach the TV and execute the desired command.
  • Radio remote control: Radio remote controls transmit a radio signal that is corresponding to the binary command of the button you are using. The radio receiver on the TV reads this signal and performs the desired operation.
How do you troubleshoot your TV remote control?

If the remote control does not work, first replace the batteries in the back case. Then, clean the window on the upper edge of the remote control. This is where the signal goes out to the TV.

You can also use a digital camera to test any remote control. The camera on your phone also works. For this, turn on your camera. Aim the control at the lens at a distance of 6-10 inches. Press a button on the remote. An infrared eye flashing should be seen on the LCD screen of the camera if the remote control is in order.

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