Trumpeter Plastic Boat and Ship Toy Models and Kits

Trumpeter plastic boat and ship toy models and kits have a wide range of historical boats and ships replicated in varying detail levels and sizes. Each kit has the objective of building different ship models, and the toys are meant for the assembling and painting of historical sea craft miniatures.

What scale are the Trumpeter models?

The scales of the models available are 1:200, 1:350, 1:500, and 1:700. Scale refers to the size comparison between the replica models and what the models recreate. For example, a 1:350 scale means the kit recreates the original watercraft at 1/350 of the ship's actual size.

You can choose the replica size based on how you wish to display the finished model. A larger-scale kit would take up more space and present a bigger single display. Several small-scale kits are of a size that can fit into a multi-ship display.

What are the ships replicated with the Trumpeter models?

The company has produced a wide variety of ship models based on various historical naval ships. The U.S.S. North Carolina Battleship, the U.S.S. Hornet Aircraft Carrier, and the U.S.S. Independence Littoral Combat Ship represent some of the U.S. Navy ships available. The German Prinz Eugen Cruiser harkens back to 1945 and World War II battles on the high seas. The H.M.S. Ark Royal presents one of Great Britain's WWII vessels, as does the H.M.S. Dreadnought. The Italian Battleship Roma delivers a model kit replica of a forgotten watercraft.

These specific vessels reflect only a small number of ships available in the company’s list of models. Numerous projects are available at various scale sizes.

Do the Trumpeter models come with photo-etched parts?

Yes, scores of models produced by the company note on the packaging that the scale kits come with photo-etched parts. The etching process entails transferring a photo negative to a sheet of metal to create a part. The process is often employed when making small parts that would be incredibly difficult to reproduce with standard plastic model molds. Both large- and small-sized scale models have these images created in order to give the completed model ships a more realistic and three-dimensional look.

What is the difficulty level of assembling the model ships?

Kits have varying levels of difficulty in the building process. After putting all the parts together, most models require painting. You can also choose to paint the parts first before assembling and gluing them. You can paint the ship yourself or use the photo-etched parts that come along with the kit.