USB Cables for Samsung Camera

Find a USB Cable for Your Samsung Camera

USB cables have become common for power and data transfer connections. If you want to use a USB charger or you want to transfer your vacation photos from your Samsung camera to your computer so you can email them to family members, a USB cable can be the solution.

What is a USB cable?

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. Its a standard for external bus connections that allow data transfers at a rate as high as 12 Mbps and can optionally provide a power supply to the connected device as well. Thus, USB ports have become convenient ways to combine data transfer and charging connections into a single port in portable electronics like smartphones, tablets, and cameras.

What types of USB connectors are there?

One of the confusing things about the USB standard is the different connectors that it supports. There are four different USB connectors that are most common. The standard USB connector is the Type A, which is the full-sized connector used by computers and laptops. Smaller electronic devices and peripherals will sometimes use the square-shaped Type B connector. Smartphones and cameras typically utilize the Mini B and Micro B USB connector ports because they occupy the least amount of space.

What types of USB cables are available for cameras?

USB cables have been used by cameras for data connections and battery charging for quite a few years, so there are many different cable configurations to fit the various models that are on the market.

  • Standard USB to USB Mini cables: The most common USB cable youll need will connect your USB Micro port-equipped camera to a computer or charger that uses a USB Type A connector. These versatile cables can transfer files while your devices battery recharges.
  • Standard USB to USB Micro cables: These cables function the same as those with a Mini connector but are designed for devices with the smaller USB Micro port.
  • 3-in-1 USB cables: These cables add a second USB Micro connector so that two cameras can be connected to a PC or charger at the same time.
  • USB car charger cables: These cables have a car-charging connector on one end and a USB Micro connector on the other, so you can charge your camera in a car.
  • Retractable USB cables: A feature you can find with some USB cables is a retractable cable design that allows a longer cable that conveniently coils up in a retractor when not in use.
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