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Base Layers to Keep You Warm This Winter

A base layer helps keep men and women warm indoors and outdoors. It is like a next-to-skin comfort layer. It's basic clothing you wear under other types of clothes. This is important when you are on a commute or while you participate in sports activities like skiing.

Why Should You Wear Base Layers?

  1. These regulate temperature. These keep you warm out in the cold and these keep you cool indoors. People who get sick during the cold season benefit from wearing thermal clothing so they don't lose body heat quickly. These act like an armor that protects you from getting sick during harsh, cold weather.
  2. These add warmth. They not only keep you warm, they add warmth.
  3. These remove sweat. Activities in cold weather still make you sweat. A base layer keeps you sweat-free so you keep dry and warm.

What Are Types of Base Layers?

  1. Leggings. These are skin-tight layering for your legs. Some go up the waist. You can wear them both as undergarments or main wear.
  2. Tights. Some cover the foot. These are thermal undergarments.
  3. Crew or V-Neck Tops. Good ones are lightweight and cling to your skin. They stay flat and won't wrinkle under your main wear. You can get one with long or short sleeves. Some men use these as regular shirts.
  4. Arm and Leg Warmers. These are flexible warmers that do not restrict your arms and knees when you bend them. Some are water repellent.
  5. Sleeveless Tops. Most are undershirts. These are preferable base wear under any type of clothing.

What Are Good Features of Base Layers?

  1. Anti-Odor Technology. This prevents microbe build-up. You remain odor-free and fresh-smelling even during sports activities. The Under Armour Base 3.0 crew shirt for men has this feature.
  2. Moisture Wicking. Good ones trap sweat on the clothes, keeping your skin dry at all times.
  3. Cool Fabric. Good ones don't make you feel toasty indoors. They keep you warm but they don't cause your body to overheat.
  4. Four-way stretch. This gives men freedom of movement. Prefer this feature if you are into sports. Under Armour leggings for men has this feature.
  5. Raglan sleeves and flatlock seams. These lessen irritation and discomfort on your skin.

Who Should Buy Base Layers?

  1. Motorcyclists. They expose their bodies directly to cold wind.
  2. Skiers and ice climbers. They battle the extreme cold.
  3. Cyclist or bicycle commuter. They must stay cramp-free during the cold season.
  4. Seniors. They are prone to heat loss.
  5. People who just need to stay warm!

For more information on sizing and measurements, see manufacturer site for details.