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Getting a Storage Box or Cabinet For Your VHS Tapes

You must look at how you can get your VHS tapes secured so you can keep your collection organized. A storage cabinet for your video tapes can be designed with many features and qualities in mind. These include plastic and wood choices alike.

How Many Tapes?

The number of tapes that your media storage space can handle will vary. The number of tapes that your storage cabinet holds will vary based on the overall size of that cabinet or box as well as any alignment or shelving features on the inside.

What Is the Box or Cabinet Body Like?

The storage box for your cassette tapes may come in one of many forms. It may be found with a wood or metal body. You may also find a clear plastic option that lets you see what is inside the box or another case before you open it.

Cabinet Functionality

Be aware of the functionality of the storage cabinet or box that you will secure your tapes in. Several things can be noticed in VHS storage boxes:

  • Rack design. The rack on a storage cabinet may come with a series of small inserts that allow you to fit individual tapes into each spot. Either way, the shelves should be level.
  • Drawer functions. Look at how many drawers are included in a storage space. Individual drawers provide you with the ability to secure tapes by dividing them up based on genre among other factors.
  • Adjustable shelves. You can find many media storage units that come with shelves or dividers that you can take out and place in different spaces. You would have to use the proper alignment and mounting features on your shelves to keep them level.
  • Pull-out shelves. Pull-out shelves allow you to pull out a specific part of your storage case so you can get a closer look at the tapes inside.

How Big Are the Tapes?

  • Be aware of how large the VHS cases you wish to secure are. This lets you see that you can fit each item inside your container, regardless of whether you are using paper or plastic cases on your tapes.
  • While most VHS tapes come with slim covers that conform to the 187 x 103 x 25 mm size of a VHS cassette tape, the size of the case may still be larger. This is the case with clear plastic VHS cases with see-through enclosure features.
  • Do not forget about collectible cases made with clamshell bodies as they will take more space. A clamshell body comes with a thicker design and a snapping mechanism that keeps the tape inside the case. Various companies have made VHS tapes that fit into these cases, but the most noteworthy ones come from the Walt Disney Company. That group used those thicker VHS storage cases for its home cassette releases for years.