Vance & Hines

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Vance & Hines Silencers, Mufflers, & Baffles

Vance & Hiness exhaust systems are produced by the California-based aftermarket motorcycle manufacturer, Vance & Hines. The company was founded by Terry Vance, a former motorcycle drag racing champion, and Andrew Hines, also a motorcycle drag racing championship winner. The company is well-known for producing high-performance exhaust systems for big, V-Twin cruisers.

What do muffler baffles and silencers accomplish?

Baffle and silencer sizes are based on the outside diameter of an exhaust and not the inside. Also known as quiet baffles, these aftermarket parts do not make the exhausts quiet, as the name suggests, but rather they tone down the decibel levels. What you end up with is a deeper, less sharp sound. Silencers are used for those who wish to abide by local noise regulations or need to comply with noise regulations at race tracks. Furthermore, using baffle fiberglass packing can be used to repack silencers or can be wrapped around them in order to further decrease the exhaust sound.

Do silencers take away from engine power?

Though reducing back-pressure in the bikes exhaust system is one of the ways riders look to gain horsepower, without the proper tuning and fuel management system or re-jetting of a carbureted engine, you will not see much of a difference. With that said, back-pressure is a good thing when it comes to low-end power. If it is the sound you are looking for, but do not want to lose power, you can get a baffle. They give you the sound you are looking for while maintaining back-pressure.

How do you choose the right silencer for your bike?

The first thing you must determine is what kind of baffle you need. Do you want straight through or quiet baffles? The first option relies on absorptive technology to dampen the noise, whereas the latter uses restrictive technology to dampen sound.

Once you have figured out what sort of baffle you want, you then have to determine the diameter of your pipe, and choose one that fits your size of exhaust. You can take a tape and measure the tail end of the pipe to determine its size.

Since baffles come in a wide range of lengths, you now have to decide how short or long it should be. You can find them a short as a few inches to as long as a foot or more. Of course, the length will determine how quiet it makes your exhaust.