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Video Glasses

Virtual reality is an excellent way to take a break from real life. With a good pair of video glasses, you can enjoy an exceptional VR experience on your PC, PlayStation, or smartphone video screen. Since shopping for these glasses can be a challenge, it's important to know what to look for before purchasing the glasses.

Which specs should be considered?

  • Resolution: The best glasses enable you to view video with a resolution of 1080 by 1200. Products with lower resolutions may be blurry.
  • Refresh rate: This should be between 90 to 120 Hz.
  • Field of view: Ideally, field of view should be between 110 and 120 degrees. That said, some good headsets can go down to a field of view of 96 degrees.
  • Head-tracking: Positional tracking allows you to move around in a 360-degree space, and objects in your environment will adapt to your view. VR headsets should always offer 360-degree head-tracking. Manufacturers achieve this using gyro sensors, accelerometers, magnetometers, and structured light.
  • Corded or cordless
  • Adjustability: Lenses need to be adjustable individually. This helps accommodate people with different head sizes.
  • Pads: Many video devices are now designed with face pads to make them comfortable. If you want to wear the glasses for long periods, this should be a priority.
  • Audio quality: Some glasses come with earphones. They should offer high-quality 3D sounds.

With which platforms are the glasses compatible?

The video glasses are designed to work on specific platforms. Knowing which platform you already own can help narrow down your choices. These are the available platforms:

  • PlayStation
  • Android and iOS devices: Lots of video glasses will work on Android and iOS phones. It is important to make sure your phone is within the specified size range.
  • PC

Which VR accessories are needed?

  • Controllers: You don’t have to play video games with a motion controller. However, many players feel a controller adds to their enjoyment of the video game. Some headsets come with a set of controllers.
  • Aim controllers: This accessory is useful if you want to play video games that involve shooting. The controller will virtually fire in the direction you physically point the gun.
  • Racing Wheel: These can make racing video games a lot more fun.
  • Headphones: In case your package doesn’t include audio devices, you should invest in a good pair of 3D headphones for the complete VR experience.
  • Display Stand: These are meant to hold your video glasses when they are not in use. Some designs have multiple USB ports to charge all your electronics at the same time.
  • Travel Case: You will need this to carry around your glasses safely.
  • VR Camera: You should get a water and dust-resistant camera with high resolution. In addition, you should purchase an SD card to store all footage.
  • Face Pads: If your video glasses are designed with face pads, you should buy extra pads for regular replacement. Over time, these pads get sweaty and can develop a bad smell.

What kind of VR experience do you want?

If you are only looking for a casual 3D video experience, the cheaper or mid-range video glasses should work well. However, if you’re interested in the complete experience, you’ll have to get the advanced video glasses, in addition to a pair of 3D headphones.