Viridian Hunting Lights & Lasers

Viridian Hunting Lights and Lasers

Viridian hunting lights and lasers are available for a wide variety of uses, including hunting. Viridian also manufacturers green and red lasers as well as tac lights. In additions to hunting lights and lasers, the Viridian brand produces holsters, batteries, cameras, and other accessories and gear.

What is Viridian’s ECR system?

ECR stands for Viridian’s unique Enhanced Combat Readiness system. Combined with a holster that features TacLoc technology, your bright green pistol laser will come on immediately after your weapon is drawn from its holster. This technology is only compatible with holsters that have TacLoc technology.

Does Viridian make a laser for your handgun?

While Viridian doesn’t make lasers for every gun in the world. Chances are the answer is yes. Along with a variety of specific holsters, Viridian Green manufactures laser models such as the X5L that fit most handguns, including:

  • Smith and Wesson M and P Shield
  • Glock 43
  • Ruger LCP
  • Sig P238/P938
  • Kahr PM and CW 9/40
What kind of batteries do Viridian lasers take?

The types of batteries made by Viridian Green for their laser sights such as the X5L include:

  • CR123A
  • 1/3N Lithium
  • CR2
What are the advantages of a light-and-laser combo?

A light-and-laser combo can be used for different types of activities, including patrolling the property or night hunting. Some advantages of a laser-and-light combo include:

  • Tactical advantage.
  • Ability to illuminate entire view range.
  • Simultaneous pinpoint laser action.
  • Visibility of the target.
Do Viridian Green lasers only come in green?

Viridian isn’t limited to green lasers, as they also manufacture red laser sights that are more traditional and suited for low visibility conditions such as fog. However, the majority of laser sights made by Viridian are still colored in their iconic green palette.

What are the mounting options for Viridian lasers and lights?

Viridian hunting lasers and lights can be mounted on the barrel, foregrip, rail, and grip of the weapon.

What are the different options for Viridian lasers and lights?
  • C-series: The C-series fits all railed pistols and can be either red or green.
  • Reactor: The Reactor is designed for pocket pistols. These can red or green.
  • E-series: This is the most basic choice and comes only in red.
  • Radiance: This option is designed to have a wider beam pattern and can be found in both the red and green versions.
What are Viridian camera options?

Viridian cameras can be used with their lights and lasers for activities such as shooting practice, law enforcement, and shooting competitions.

  • Fact Compact: This camera is able to be mounted on any railed pistol.
  • Fact Micro: The Fact Micro is designed to be mounted onto most carry pistols.
  • Fact Duty: This camera was designed with law enforcement in mind and has the ability to be password protected. It comes on as soon as the weapon is drawn from the holster.
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