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Everything You Need To Know About Wacom Pens

Ergonomically designed and lightweight, Wacom's pens are comfortable to hold and easy to use for long lengths of time. When you're challenged with a large project with difficult deadlines, Wacom pens are designed to facilitate your art and expedite your workflow. You can find a nice variety of new and pre-owned Wacom pens on eBay.

Are Wacom pens compatible with Wacom's other tablets?

Many of Wacom's pens are compatible across their platform. The Wacom art pen is compatible with the Cintiq Pro, Mobile Studio Pro, The Intuos Pro, Intuos5, and Intuos4. The Airbrush pen is similarly compatible. Intuos4 and Intuos5 pens are compatible with either the Intuos4 or Intuos5, but will not work on the Intuos3, which has less sensitivity. Check Wacom's website for specific details.

What are the features of Wacom pens?

Wacom has been producing tablet technology for more than a decade, which includes their revolutionary pen designs. These pens include the following features:

  • Variable touch sensitivity: Wacom was one of the first companies to introduce variable touch sensitivity to their pens, giving their users the ability to produce bold natural lines in an intuitive way. Wacom's current pen line boasts models that have over 2000 levels of sensitivity to give you complete control over the expressiveness of your line.
  • Electromagnetic resonance technology: Wacom pens utilize electromagnetic resonance technology to register on their tablets, allowing them to function wirelessly and without batteries. Because of this, Wacom pens can be designed to be light and more comfortable. Wacom pens for the Intuos 4 and beyond register over 2000 levels of pressure sensitivity.
  • Pen rotation: Additionally, the Wacom art pen can detect rotation of the pen, and artists use this feature to create unique effects.
How can you replace a Wacom pen nib?

Unscrewing the base of a Wacom pen stand reveals the storage area housing replacement nibs and a nib puller that is designed to pull the nib straight out of the pen. If you don't have access to a Wacom pen stand, a pair of tweezers or needle-nose pliers should work just as well. Inexpensive replacement nibs can be purchased on the eBay website.

Will a Wacom tablet pen work on other brand tablets?

Because of the proprietary electromagnetic resonance technology that makes Wacom pens special, they will not work on other tablets that utilize a stylus that relies on heavy magnets or Bluetooth technology to work. You need a compatible Wacom tablet to unlock the pressure sensitivity and rotational features of Wacom pens.