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Weaver Hunting Rifle Scopes

Weaver Rifle Scopes

Weaver is known for three things: superior materials and workmanship, extensive testing to assure Weaver classic scopes will never let you down, and value for the money spent. The Weaver Four-Point Windage and Elevation Systems ensure consistency you can trust through hard use under the toughest conditions.

What do the numbers on a scope mean?
  • The first number on the Weaver is the magnification. If it is a four, for example, it means you see things four times as big with the scope than without.
  • If the next digit is an "X," then this is a "fixed-power" scope. Fixed-power scopes are the easiest type of scope to use and are excellent rifle scopes to begin.
  • If the next digit is a dash, followed by a second numeral, like an eight, and then the X, your scope is a "variable power" scope. The numbers 4 to 8X mean that you can adjust the scope from four-power to eight-power.
  • The string will end with another number, like 30. This is the diameter of the front lens in millimeters. The higher this number is, the brighter the image you see.
What should you think about when buying a rifle scope?
  • Use: If you are going to use it on a hunt, are you going to the game, or is the game coming to you? If you are tracking game over rough terrain, pay attention to weight. Those few extra ounces that meant nothing at home suddenly mean a lot at the end of a long, hard day hiking through the woods or up a mountain.
  • Clarity: If you are hunting from a blind or stand, then clarity and accuracy become more important than weight.
  • Range: The longer the range, the better the quality of the scope you are going to need, and the more you are going to have to pay for the scope.
What is a Picatinny rail?

A Picatinny rail, also known as a Pic rail, is a standardized firearm mounting bracket developed for the U.S. military and tested at Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey. Originally intended as a mount for rifle scopes, it is now used to mount a number of add-on accessories, including tactical lights and night-vision devices. It is very similar to the Weaver rail mounting system.

What is the difference between Pic and Weaver rails?

Both rails have basically equivalent outlines. Pic rails are standardized for the military whereas the intended use for Weaver rails may vary. Because of this, Weaver accessories will fit Pic rails, but Pic accessories will not always fit Weaver rails. You need the right type for your Weaver Rifle Scopes.