Wolverine Boots for Men

Wolverine Boots for Men

Work boots from Wolverine made with a steel toe can protect your feet from falling or rolling hazards. In addition to a contemporary line of steel toe and waterproof options, the 1000 Mile Boot has been re-imagined based on an archival design.

What are 1000 Mile Work Boots?

The 1000 Mile Work Boot has a design that is based on the original pattern that was developed in 1914. They also include some updated design elements. These design elements include:

  • The ability to be re-soled: The Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots design allows you to replace the sole of the boot when it wears down.
  • Slip-resistance: The revived Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot includes slip- and shock- resistant technology. The boots can be worn in areas where there are slip hazards, helping to keep wearers on even footing when they are working.
How do Wolverines work boots and recreational boots differ?

The Wolverine product line incorporates different fabrics and materials based on the intended use of the boot. These materials include suede and leather for style, cement for reinforcement, and mesh and nylon for comfort and breathability. Some of the boots in the Mile Collection even come with extra-waterproof rubber boots for fishing and hunting. Many styles have steel-toe or composite reinforcement. Some of the differences between boot styles can include:

  • Sole thickness: The thickness of boot soles and the materials the soles are constructed from will differ based on the boots purpose.
  • Toe type: Some work boots have steel or composite toes. Composite is more flexible, but steel offers more protection.
  • Waterproofing: Some waterproof boots or steel-toe work boots reach farther up the leg and have additional ankle and heel support. Hiking boots have more flexibility with a focus on sole grip and basic protection.
What safety-toe options are available with Wolverine boots?

Safety features for steel -oe work boots are compliant with American Society for Testing and Materials standards. Wolverine brand Raider footwear designs include both shoes and boots with MultiShox protection. Whether a Raider boot goes to the ankle or 10 inches past the ankle, the MultiShox keeps feet comfortable, secure, and active. Toe options include:

  • Composite and aluminum alloy: In addition to the classic steel-toe construction, Wolverine also offers boots with composite toes to keep out heat and cold. They also have boots with a lightweight, engineered-aluminum-alloy safety toe.
  • Steel: Steel-toe boots are an industry standard with proven strength of protection.
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