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Yonex Tennis Racquets

Whether you are playing for fun or playing professionally, a comfortable racquet can enhance your game. Yonex tennis racquets are designed to provide enhance your playing experience depending on your needs.

What types of tennis racquets are there?

There are three main types of tennis racquets to choose from, including:

  • Power: As the name suggests, these racquets are designed to give you more power, allowing you to hit the ball harder and farther with less effort. They are frequently lighter in weight and longer with an oversized head and a stiff frame.
  • Control: These racquets give you more control over where the ball is going after being hit. However, they do not generate the same amount of power as power racquets, so they are generally recommended for seasoned players. They are also heavier to hold, have a flexible frame, a small head, and are shorter in length.
  • Tweener: These racquets have characteristics that are in between the power and control racquets. They have a mid-size head, are semi-stiff, have a mid-weight construction, and have a mid-size length.

What should you consider when looking for tennis racquets?

There are six things that you should consider when looking at these racquets:

  • Length: Racquets range from 27 inches long to 29 inches long. Racquets that are 27 inches long are considered standard, though racquets that are longer provide players with more power.
  • Head size: The power provided by the racquet is directly related to the size of the head. The larger the head size, the more power the racquet will give you.
  • Weight and balance: Lighter racquets are more maneuverable, but they may be less stable and may transmit more of the shock of hitting the ball to you. Heavier racquets are generally more stable and generate more power.
  • Frame stiffness : Stiffer racquets bend less, generating more power. Racquets that are more flexible give you more control over where the ball goes.
  • String pattern: Open string patterns can deflect more of the impact of the ball on your arm. Denser string patterns can last longer and are generally recommended for players that do not hit with much spin.
  • Grip and handle: Some Yonex racquets have dampening systems on the handle to reduce vibration and shock.

What is the EZONE series?

The EZONE series by this brand is designed to give you more power and snapback speed. The handle and grip are designed to be comfortable for players to use while minimizing vibration. The EZONE racquets also have an enhanced isometric spot that gives you more control when placing the ball.

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